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Captivating and design-rich emails built under a minute



Powerful features for the savvy marketer

Stunning and easy-to-build templates

Create captivating emails for your audience with a wide selection of templates to choose from. Design beautiful emails from scratch with a simple drag-and-drop editor or import your custom templates to uphold your branding guidelines.


Personalized emails for your audience

Pique your audience’s interest with personalized emails that speak to them and result in better conversions. Use contact information to create successful campaigns and witness a spike in your engagement. 

Targeted content for delighting users

Want to send different content to different segments of your audience? No problem. Freshmarketer lets you deliver relevant content for different segments of your audience within the same campaign.

Email Analytics

Analytics to measure performance

Go beyond the conventional metrics like open rates, click rates, etc., and get down to the nitty-gritty details of your campaigns’ performance with analytics. Visualize your campaigns’ performance and create powerful custom reports to identify its ROI.

Everything you need for email marketing

Email Campaigns

Create, design, and send creative and responsive emails for your audience. Deliver successful campaigns with advanced targeting.

Contact Management

Manage, segment, and sort all your contacts in one place. Organize contact timelines and stay on top of customers’ journey with your brand.

Customer Segmentation

Segment contacts, lists, events, or customer activity, and deliver automated emails with personalized content that suits your audience preferences.

Domain verification

Improve deliverability by verifying your domain, instead of individual sender emails, and let Freshmarketer send campaigns on your behalf.

Customizable footers

Create customizable footers on your emails to include your company name and details, unsubscribe links, etc., in accordance with the CAN-SPAM policy.