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Insights that help you build successful campaigns

Get to know the nitty-gritty details of your email campaigns' performance. Create custom reports from scratch or use our readily available curated reports that help you measure your campaigns' success. Dig deeper into your data and improve your game plan for better conversions, and faster growth.


Quick insights with Curated Reports

Feeling uninspired to create reports from scratch? Curated reports has you covered. Access your data quickly with reports and metrics that are more relevant to you. You can personalize them with your preferred metrics. With a variety of options like tabular, graphical, or bar charts available, creating a report can now be done in a jiffy.

Custom Dashboards and Reports for the win

Build your own dashboards and reports to measure customer engagement, your emails’ performance, conversions, and more. Create customized reports by dragging and dropping performance metrics widgets. With custom dashboards, keep your team apprised of your campaigns’ performance and prove its ROI to your higher-ups.

Greater clarity, easier interpretation.

Delve deep by applying filters on widgets to analyze trends in your marketing campaigns’ data. View data across emails, journeys, and contacts behavior, use AND/OR filters extensively until you achieve the granularity you desire. Compare and visualize your emails/journey performance with stacked bar, line, or tabular charts.

Better collaboration with data shareability

Create separate reports only for your view or share them across your team by exporting reports in the format that you prefer - CSV, Excel, and PDF. With a single click of a button, you can also present your data and findings directly from Freshmarketer. No need for the boring PowerPoint now, eh?

Everything you need to simplify your marketing data

Scheduled Reports

Schedule your marketing reports to be delivered to your inbox regularly. Never miss a report and stay on top of what’s happening with your campaigns.

Simple and clean UI

Freshmarketer’s Analytics offers a simple and clean UI with responsive elements and resizable widgets that make sifting through data hassle-free.