Bridge that gap between your Sales and Marketing

The brand promise of Freshworks as officially revealed in Refresh19– our annual conference, is to become ‘customer-for-life software’. That’s our North Star- to become a software product company that helps our customers to make customers for life.

But how do you really create customers for life?

There are 999+ things that matter when you nurture the ambition to create customers for life but the one thing that plays a pivotal role is- customer relationship. It’s a no-brainer that building a meaningful relationship with the customer is the key when business success is the objective.

However, there are two technology challenges that you encounter as an enterprise while building a strong customer relationship:

  1. When you are a decently big enterprise with customers numbering beyond 1000, your marketing and sales orgs become big enough to begin functioning in silos- siloed teams using siloed systems that speak siloed language with the customer.
  2. Additionally, as your sales and marketing stack grows, they become big enough to have more than 10 sources of information. Two of the biggest sources of information are Sales CRM and Marketing Automation System. Since a good customer relationship necessitates organized uniform data, it’s important that these two systems seamlessly communicate with one another. Marketers seem to find it as a perpetual marketing challenge.

At Freshmarketer, our newest update makes a solid improvement in addressing the above two gaps. And with this, we are another step closer to becoming the best marketing automation software out there.

Freshmarketer now integrates with Freshsales

Many Freshsales and Freshmarketer customers had already integrated while writing this post and if you are a Freshmarketer customer you can visit this link to check the steps.

What does this integration achieve?

In a nutshell, it does two things

  • Syncs contacts present in your CRM and Freshmarketer so that you have a common database for marketing and sales.
  • Links Freshsales contact/leads with Freshmarketer contacts and vice versa through bidirectional sync.

Having covered the tech mumbo-jumbo, here is the million dollar question.

How does this integration help?

Your CRM and Marketing Automation system are meant for Sales and Marketing org respectively but in a larger scheme they are meant to achieve the same objective- make more revenue for the company. A tighter integration between the two systems makes the journey to that objective simpler.

Following are few of the benefits

  1. Unified data across Freshsales and Freshmarketer.

    A CRM and a marketing automation system have different sources of data, mostly forms on the website and CSV upload. Because they are used by different teams, there is a disparity in data.

    For instance, while could be marked as ‘opted-out’ in Freshmarketer somebody in sales could still be trying to engage him because his preference is not updated in CRM.

    Likewise, imagine a contact from a Fortune 100 company just got added to Freshmarketer. Quite evidently, the company just got a tremendous sales prospect, but nobody from Sales gets in touch with him while he is still warm, because he is still not there in CRM.

    There could be multiple such instances where both sales and marketing teams lose due to gap in their systems.

    Courtesy of this integration, contacts in both Freshmarketer and Freshsales would sync seamlessly.

    But most importantly, apart from the contact even their attributes (or record fields) would sync. Which means that for any lead, contact, prospect and everything in between, you would see the same information in both your CRM and Freshmarketer.

  2. Real time sync

    Most of the sales reps will tell a variation of the following when speaking about their CRM-Marketing Automation sync.

    “It takes years to sync, man!”

    Here’s what they mean, nearly all marketing automation tools provide sync with popular CRM systems but it’s the degree of sync that matters. (read between the lines)

    Most of them take several hours to as much as a day to do the sync, so there is always a lag in information. One of the symptoms of such a lag is

    • A churned customer has already converted but marketing still runs a reactivation campaign on him

    Why? Because it took some hours for the conversion data to reflect in the marketing automation system.

    Such lags can put behind even best teams in many ways and we are determined to make this the last problem for our customers.

    Which is why Freshmarketer syncs with Freshsales in real time. There is no lag and no matter where the data is updated it reflects in both the systems.

    Moreover, the feature also allows you to maintain one source of truth instead. The following snap from the product would explain:

  3. Managing unsubscribes

    Marketers lose a lot of sweat and dollars to generate contacts. But ironically, they also have to spend a decent effort to delete or unsubscribe a bunch of them from time to time.

    Initially, it was the issue of deliverability but now it is coupled with strict privacy laws that can land you a lawsuit if you don’t take user’s opt-out preferences seriously.

    But while the intent of the organization could be clean it could still not translate into action due to the technology gap. Following are a few ways in which it could manifest:

    • A certain user unsubscribes from Sales emails, but yet he is getting spammed by marketers.
    • A customer deletes his account and a second later gets a promotional email from the marketing

    Freshsales-Freshmarketer integration ensures that you are able to manage unsubscribes across marketing and sales efficiently. The following snapshot from the integration page would bring clarity.

Having said that, those are some of the primary advantages, as far as the integration goes.


Sales and marketing orgs are divided by teams, tools, processes, and so on and so forth but united by goals. They work towards the common objective and while Freshmarketer as a product is meant for marketing folks, we strive to build a solution that seamlessly plugs into what other teams are using.

There is a lot that is coming with this integration in the upcoming versions and we are really excited the deliver the value to our customers. If you would like a demo of this feature, let us know here. Our customer happiness officers are on standby.