Get Deeper Insights From Visitor Recordings: Adding Filtering Option in Session Replay.

Watching recordings of your visitors help you understand visitor behaviour and improve their experience on your website. But it can be quite challenging to make sense out of thousands of such recordings. To derive meaningful insights, visitor recordings should be classified based on different categories and segments. With Freshmarketer, you already have the option to record journeys of a specific audience segment. Now, you can further filter them into different user types like geographical location, device type, landing page, and many more.

How is filtering option different from targeting? 

The audience targeting option helps you to record sessions of a specific audience segment and the filtering option helps to further filter such audience segment into different user types. Let’s say, you want to analyse the behaviour pattern of your paid users. Now, using targeting option, you can easily start recording the sessions of your paid users. Once you have the list of recordings of such paid users, you can also filter them based on browser type, operating system or the device type they’ve used.

The audience targeting and filtering option helps you categorise visitor recordings into different audience segments so that you can derive meaningful insights and have a deeper understanding of your visitor behaviour.

How it works?

The new filtering option in session replay is right on top of your list of visitor recordings so that you can easily categorise based on different search criteria like traffic source, referral URL, page visits and even based on the date of recording. Also you’ll be able to use AND or OR conditions to create complex filters for more refined searches.

We think segmenting will help you get deeper insights from your visitor recordings by categorising them into different visitor segments and also save a lot of your time by helping you do such segmentation in an easy and simple way. Try out this feature and share your feedback with us! We would love to hear your thoughts!