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Zarget Beta : Launching New Age A/B Testing & Heatmap Software!

Written by on October 26, 2015

Millions of businesses emerge every year and with that, the need for websites is on an unprecedented rise. Websites are now considered virtual stores and the experience a consumer gets from a website is very critical in making a purchase decision. On that note, website optimization is gathering more and more attention every day since this is where businesses start selling their goods whether it is clothing, electronics, or even cloud software.


A variety of good tools with a number of features are available in the market for website optimization. The problem, however, is that we are still beating around the bush with these tools and following old norms to test and optimize the web pages. The evolution in technology has not been mirrored in the way we carry out website optimization.

Website optimization is a tough job. Let’s take a look at the current scenario: The marketer first has to upload the page into the tool. He might as well have a couple of coffees and answer his mail while the page loads. He then begins making the changes in the page. And then he needs to take the help of techies to update the changes in the website. And then he carries out testing to check if all elements in the page are placed to their advantage. If not, he starts again right from loading the page and sitting with coffee. To put it blatantly, we are still stuck with the routine that was followed when website optimization was introduced. Without an incredible innovation, there is no disruption in this daily grind.

We have the perfect answer to these problems: Zarget! Zarget is a website optimization tool. We’ve, of course, adopted the most clichéd goals every tool seeks to serve other than what it’s built for – “simple and easy-to-use with abundant features”. Don’t blame us. It’s a critical purchase criteria. With Zarget you can optimize your website and perform all tasks like A/B testing, Split Url Testing , heat maps & Clickmaps and more . Yes, you heard it right! Sometimes the simplest things that make a huge difference are hard to believe. Go on, read some more.

What is Zarget?

Zarget is a Website Optimization tool with new age A/B testing and HeatMaps solutions, which helps increase your website conversions . People were listening to music for a very long time, however the way we listen to music has evolved from time to time. From Gramophone to tape recorders to Ipods. Similarly we have changed the way A/B testing is being done by marketers for good. We are happy to announce the industry first browser plugin which will completely revolutionize the way website optimization is done so far. Don’t take my word for it check out the features and benefits at a glance.

Some cool things you can do with Zarget

  1. Don’t load your website into the application , start optimizing right away on your browser with the first of a kind plugin.
  2. No more adding the script in every page you optimize, just add once in the head tag and you are good to go for the whole website
  3. No more creating multiple split url testing for the whole website change, just use our Regex Split testing and A/B Test multiple pages at the same time without a single piece of code.
  4. Still using snapshots to view the heatmap reports , track your visitor’s click live on your website and make the changes real time.
  5. Optimize beyond login screens without risking any security vulnerabilities.

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