We are hitting refresh on marketing automation! Say hello to the new Freshmarketer.

It was in 2015 that Zarget was born as a Conversion rate optimization (CRO) product. We helped marketers run optimization experiments on their website, figure out what’s working, what’s not, and improve the experience on their websites. When in 2017 we were acquired by Freshworks, we were rechristened as Freshmarketer, and the CRO journey continued, albeit with another name. 

But for the past year, we have been working on something else for our customers – something big, something that will change everything. 

An ambitious product update, or should we say a refresh!

Say hello to the all-new Freshmarketer – Intelligent marketing automation software for fast-paced teams.

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What’s new in the new Freshmarketer? 

Loads of things, but let’s start with the story. Why marketing automation?

The genesis of the new Freshmarketer

From the time we started building Freshmarketer and customers started talking to us, we got an idea of how deep the marketing space was and how many gaps there were that marketers need filled. 

While sales functions have CRMs, IT folks have ITSM products, support has its helpdesks, marketers had a plethora of solutions they managed  and struggled with every day, to make sure they worked together. You know this. It’s called the marketing stack.

Marketing Automation software is a response to this, a replacement for several, separate applications like form builders, landing page builders, email campaign tools, web analytics products, and so on. Marketing Automation, at least in theory, aims to encapsulate most, if not all, of these siloed solutions in one place, making lives simpler for marketers.

Freshmarketers everything works together system

This is why Freshworks is building the best marketing automation software to solve this problem, with Freshmarketer. 

And there are more reasons why.

Why Freshmarketer?

  1. Marketers have been using a variety of tools and have a lot of data. But this data continues to be siloed, tools don’t speak to each other, and marketers never get the full picture.
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    Freshmarketer demolishes the data silos and brings all these insights in one place. This not only equips marketers with enough information to make better decisions  but also broadens their perspective of the customers’ journey.


  2. A lot of Freshmarketer’s existing customers were asking for marketing support post the lead acquisition stage, which was what the old Freshmarketer did. With a solid marketing automation solution, we want to do more for our customers.
  3. Freshworks has experience in building world-class products. Bringing our superior customer focus into play means that we can solve a lot of problems for marketers. In marketing automation, we saw a great opportunity where we could create a lot of value for our existing as well as new customers.

  4. Sales CRM and marketing automation tools are the biggest source of data for any brand, but they continue to work in silos. It’s imperative that these two systems speak to each other seamlessly, and give marketers and sales teams access to the customer journey in granular detail. The Freshsales-Freshmarketer integration has plugged this gap and solved the age-old marketing and sales silo problem. Now both, sales and marketing teams can have their data in one place, get detailed insights, and build better customer relationships.
  5. Existing marketing automation solutions have a huge gap between their price and what SMBs can afford to pay. They are affordable when you are talking about a couple hundred contacts, but as they scale, the calculations don’t work, and burn gigantic holes into their pockets.

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We drilled that down ever further, compiling the Freshmarketer value proposition. 

Here’s how Freshmarketer does the job better

1. The data advantage

In the race for attention, data is gold. Marketers need to know how users are behaving on their website, and we’ve ensured that they get all the information they need to do their job better. Using Freshmarketer, marketers would be able to record user actions on the site and then use that information to creatively engage their users in different ways.

2. Analysis and targeting

Having data creates the need for a robust system that lets you analyze the data and leverage it to create successful engagement. Freshmarketer’s powerful reporting module lets you analyze data to the granular level. You could also import and setup scheduler for any reports you might want to consult. Apart from data analysis, you can create dynamic segments on top of your user’s behavioral and demographic data. Freshmarketer also provides logical conditions that would allow you to go as far as to create a segment of one.

Screenshot - Freshmarketer analysis

3. Contextual messaging

People don’t like being interrupted. That’s a no-brainer; the exponential adoption of ad blockers is indicative of this. Freshmarketer’s robust personalization engine lets you personalize your messages, and that, coupled with segmentation lets you engage your customers at scale almost as if you were communicating one-on-one.

4. Advanced segmentation

It’s very difficult to understand all your customers as one segment. People are not as predictable as we presume them to be. With Freshmarketer’s smart segments, marketers can  add more depth and logic to their audience and understand customers better.

5. Automation

The final leg to our value proposition is, of course, Marketing Automation, but it’s not just any marketing automation product. Freshmarketer’s flagship Journeys let you visualize your engagement flow with customers and implement it exactly the way you want. It’s a simple drag and drop builder which lets you create complex engagement workflows as easily as drawing on a whiteboard. We are incredibly proud of this, as it helps marketers visualize the flows and drips they are setting up in a way that is easy for them to think about and improve, effortlessly.

Screenshot of Freshmarketers journeys

We know that’s a lot to take in, but we’ve built all this for you, the marketer, and we can’t wait to show you what we have built. If you are exploring a marketing automation solution, you should definitely talk to us. If you already have such a tool, it makes even more sense for us to give you a 15-minute demo so you know what you are missing out on.

Just mail us at support@freshmarketer.com or sign up here for a free trial. If you have any other comments or questions, please feel free to reach out to us on the same email.