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Measure the impact of your offline events

Struggling to sort through excel sheets with all the data from your conferences or Trade Shows? Want to nurture your attendees with personalized communication rather than sending an email blast? Not to worry, Freshmarketer has you covered.

Now you can track the ROI and impact of your offline events with Freshmarketer’s event tracking. Easily identify your top-performing events and measure returns on your marketing spends. Build better relationships with the leads from your trade shows, conferences, etc. and nurture them with powerful automation.





Where can you use Offline Event Tracking?

Contact Management

Whether a new lead or an existing customer, get to know their entire engagement with your brand, via the contact activity timeline. This can help you stay on top of your contacts’ activities vis-a-vis the events they have attended, the pages visited, the emails they have received and replied to, the forms they submitted, all in one place.


Create relevant segments for sending targeted and personalized campaigns to your event attendees. Use these segments to send bulk campaigns, or automate your engagement by setting up customized workflows specially created for offline contacts, and move them further in their buyers’ journey with your brand.

Offline event tracking


Craft personalized journeys for your attendees and nurture them based on the event(s) they attended, their past behavior on your website, the emails they have been subjected to, and more. Convert faster by sending the hot leads directly to your CRM for your sales reps to follow up.

Offline Event Tracking

Everything you need for faster conversions

Email Marketing

Design and deliver great-looking emails that convert. Build impeccable emails from scratch, or import custom made ones, and personalize them all with Freshmarketer.

Robust Analytics & Reporting

Keep track of your campaigns’ performance, measure key metrics, and optimize your marketing spends based on them, with Freshmarketer's powerful reports.

CRM Integration

With the Freshsales CRM integration, marketing and sales teams can stay informed of each others’ activities for personalized engagement and follow-ups.