Quick bites from our recent updates – Zarget A/B testing

Written by on July 19, 2017

After one of our biggest releases [Session Replay] in the last month, our devs resumed rattling to churn out more exciting updates! Here’s a quick list of what’s been added in A/B testing.

1. Option to reset experiment stats

On the top right corner, you’ll notice the ‘reset stats’ option.

Very often we find ourselves in situations where we would just like to get rid of an experiment’s stats and start afresh. For example, let’s say, two days after setting up an experiment you realize you made a mistake in the setup. Or say your test has been giving you inconclusive results, so you’ve made some bold changes and wanted to start the experiment afresh. In such times, you can simply flush the old stats using the new ‘reset reports’ option in Zarget.

2. Access to A/B test calculators from within the app

 Right under the results section, you can find access to the A/B test Calculators.

Starting now, you’ll be able to access all of Zarget’s A/B testing calculators right from the reports dashboard. You can make use of the calculators to estimate the required sample size and duration for your experiment. Plus, you can use the significance calculator to see if the test results are statistically significant.

3. Reports in Amcharts

Next time you are meddling with your test reports in Zarget, you will also notice that they are more intuitive and pleasant on the eyes because our reports are now built with Amcharts!

       Here’s a peek! 🙂                                              

As soon as you get to try them, take a moment and let us know what you think. This is just a quick bite, stay tuned to this space for back-to-back updates!