Introducing Single Page Apps

Introducing Single Page Apps (SPA) Support for A/B Testing

Written by on January 30, 2017

Ever since Jeff Atwood said, “Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript”, the last decade has seen a rapid increase in JavaScript frameworks and the rise in the single page apps. Single pages apps once were an outlier but they are now the new normal.

We are happy to announce the support for single-page apps (SPA) in A/B testing. Zarget has been supporting SPAs for heatmaps and other modules, right from the initial launch. With our current update, developers of single page apps can configure when to invoke the A/B test experiment.

Single Page Apps A/B Testing

Zarget provides three options to trigger/activate an experiment:

  • On page load – By default, all experiments are activated on the load of the page
  • Manually – Developers can control on what particular event or action, the experiment should be activated.
  • On any specific condition – The experiment can be activated if any specific condition is met on your website. Developers can insert a JavaScript code in Zarget, which will trigger the experiment if the condition in JS code is met on your page.

You can target a specific audience, who are performing certain actions and trigger the experiment. This can be used by any kind of applications (non-single page apps too) for activating the experiments based on specific action or event done by the user.