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Record Everything  – Announcing Zarget’s Session Replay!

Written by on June 1, 2017


A few months back, we opened the Session Replay (Beta) to our Early Access Program and premium customers. We have been closely working with few of them to understand their usage. Based on their feedback, we have made a lot of enhancements and have vastly improved our performance and scalability. And now you can check it out too.

You might think — what’s the big deal with Zarget’s Session Replay? There are many tools in the market which provide recording visitor’s session and why should I try Zarget out?

Zarget is an all-in-one CRO tool which helps anyone optimize their traffic and increase the conversion rate.

A logical place for anyone to start analyzing their website is to find out why visitors are not converting, not subscribing, not performing the actions that you intended them to do.

Let’s say you wanted to investigate why your visitors abandon the checkout process. You can start off with creating a funnel with all the possible steps. Zarget’s funnel will give you an immediate visual insight on where visitors drop-off from the website. And with Session Replay, you can watch the sessions that drop-off in each step of the funnel. And to give attention to useful sessions, you can load up click/hover heatmaps and check the elements that the visitors are intrigued by, but don’t interact with. With this, you will get a fair idea on a leaky step from different angles. And make use of Polls & Feedback to understand what your website visitors think about your website, and to fix their problems, run an A/B test and optimize the pages.

Does this sound interesting? It did for us. That’s the reason we built an all-in-one CRO tool to satisfy all these needs 🙂

Ready to try us out?? Quickly take a look at the Session Replay features that we provide –

  1. Activity Score — One of the main challenges with every Session Recording tool is that it leaves so many sessions to watch. A lot of time can be wasted by teams watching back the sessions without taking any actions. Activity Score helps you to watch the sessions that are absolutely important.
  2. Advanced Targeting — Choose an audience segment for session replay based on the type of traffic — Organic, Referral, Social, Mobile, Desktop, New, Returning etc or you can define your custom audience.
  3. Bot Detection — We detect more than 125 popular bots and refrain from recording sessions of bots automatically.
  4. Handling Sensitive Data — We automatically mask sensitive data like a credit card, CVV numbers etc., You can also use the “zarget-sensitive” class on sensitive fields or content to avoid recording them.
  5. APIs for Session Replay — You can make use of Zarget’s Identify API and send any metadata like email-ids or UIDs to identify a user/session.

And much more

We are also coming up with advanced segmentation options to filter out the exact visitors and also slice and dice the data however you want to. Adding notes, tagging sessions and favorite sessions are some of the major enhancements that we are working on.

Our Session Replay supports SPAs (Single-Page-Applications like AngularJS, Ember, Backbone etc.,) and also the pages that need authentication. So we dogfooded our own product by running recordings within our product. It busted many myths on users’ behaviour and needs, as we were able to track our own journey as a customer. And we were able to make changes to customer’s onboarding process and do tweaks based on the findings. Now our product managers know how users interact inside our app and don’t make any guesswork on how users will adopt a feature. Also, our product guys just can’t live without Session Replay now 🙂

We’ve worked endlessly with our EAP users and internally, to make this as smooth as possible. It was a continuous learning process and we’re glad we took this route. It is now up to you all to use it and let us know what you think.

This post wouldn’t be possible without all the hard work by the entire Product and Engineering team. A big thanks to everyone for putting so much effort and pulling this off in style. Our engineers have cracked various technical challenges in Session Replay. We will come up with a detailed technical blog post on the challenges that we faced during this journey and how we scaled over 5 million connections using Google’s GO 🙂

GO -> Record Everything 🙂