Marketers are facing a new sea of challenges.

Since 1929, they haven’t had to deal with a problem as gargantuan as this pandemic. There are many questions about what works and what doesn’t. To put it simply, marketers of today are confused. 

Overcoming this roadblock has been the top priority at Freshworks. We learned a slew of new things over a very short period of time and we’d like to extend our knowledge to you. 

We are coming up with a docuseries that’ll help you prepare for the future. Despite all the challenges, marketing is still the sphere of growth for many businesses. In this docuseries you’ll debunk and explore the new themes, do & don’ts, common myths and more

We proudly present, Freshworks Making a Marketer - a unique micro-series that debunks all the myths, and catapults you to the frontiers of Online Marketing.  This series has been exclusively curated to help you upskill, learn, and understand the digital forefronts of marketing better from the comfort of your home.

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Featured Speakers

shiyam sunder shiyam sunder
Shiyam Sunder

Digital Marketing Expert, Freshworks Inc.

farming event rafael 7 farming event rafael 7
Varun K R

Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks Inc.

anne anne
Anne Dimayuga

Digital Marketing Manager, i4Asia Inc.

chate su chate su
Chate Su

Managing Partner- SO IDEA

jerrick jerrick

Digital Marketing Manager- Exabytes

venkatesh e venkatesh e
Venkatesh WS

Data Scientist- Digital Marketing - Freshworks Inc.

venu mohan venu mohan
Venu Mohan

Senior Product Consultant- Freshworks Inc. 

Making a Marketer

An Online Marketing Micro-Series

If you’re a marketer,  you must be stuck with just one trend over the past six months. 

‘The pandemic’. While times might have changed, marketing at its core is still about understanding the needs, interests, and behaviors of our customers. 

To solve some of the more relevant mysteries of the pandemic, we’re debunking Online marketing with a micro-series. This tailor-made content is intended to help you navigate the challenges in this all-digital, work-from-anywhere world. 


Here are some key themes we’ll be exploring - 

Let’s debunk the facts from fiction!  Watch this exclusive Micro-Series Now!