Who is eligible to become a Freshworks Affiliate?

Freshworks is a SaaS product company with world-class products across customer experience, sales, marketing, HRMS and ITSM. If you have prior experience in selling B2B software; are an independent marketer that runs PPC campaigns, email marketing campaigns, or own or work for a website that speaks about technology and software, you could be a potential affiliate partner. Fill out our application form and our team will begin the review process. 

I’m interested. How do I signup?

All you need to do is fill in some initial details here. You will need to also complete your application form on the Partnerstack platform here for our team to start the review process.

Is an agreement required to become a Freshworks Affiliate?

By signing up for the Freshworks Affiliate Program you are agreeing to our terms and conditions

Is there any membership fee involved?

No. There is no membership fee involved.

How do I explore other partnership types with Freshworks?

You can read more about our partner programs here.

How do I signup to sell more than one product?

After you complete the application process and after our team reviews your application, you will be signed up as an affiliate for all Freshworks products that are a part of the Affiliate Program.

You will be able to see the option to switch between different products and monitor the performance within your Partnerstack dashboard.

How long is your cookie window?

We have a 90-day cookie window.

If a referral signs up within 90 days of clicking on your referral link, the sign up will be attributed towards you. 




When will my commission be paid?

Commissions are calculated on a monthly basis and are paid out before the end of the following month.

How will I be paid?

Freshworks will make payments to Partnerstack for all valid leads and converted customers in a month. Partners will have to link either PayPal or Stripe as their payment provider on Partnerstack to withdraw commissions. 

I have more questions. Whom do I reach out to?

You can email us at anytime you have a question.


What do I get for promoting Freshworks?

You will be rewarded monetarily at two stages.

  • $5 for every valid lead
  • 15% commission on the monthly deal value, for the first 12 months of the life of the customer. 


How much will I make from a successful deal?

When your referral(s) becomes a paying customer you will be paid 15% of the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) for one year from the date of becoming a paying customer.

How is a lead/signup validated?

The leads coming from your referral link are validated through an internal process. Do write to us at in case you have more questions.

Is there a cap on the amount I can make as commission?

No. You are encouraged to bring in as many valid leads as you can.

What happens when my referral upgrades / downgrades in the middle of their contract period? Will my commission reflect that?

You will be paid 15% of the MRR for one year from the date of your referral becoming a paying customer. Should your referral upgrade/downgrade during that time, you will be paid 15% of the new MRR for the rest of year. Should your referral choose to cancel their plan within the first year, you will not be paid commission from that month accordingly. 




How do I promote Freshworks?

You can promote Freshworks through a number of marketing activities, depending on your profile. Here are some suggestions from our end:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts
  • Banner ads
  • Blogs

Will I have access to different assets to promote Freshworks?

Yes. You will have various banners, case studies, white papers and videos to promote Freshworks at your disposal.

I have more questions. Whom do I reach out to?

You can email us at anytime you have a question. If you have concerns with the Partnerstack platform, please do reach out to

Got questions about Freshworks Partner Programs? Drop us a line at