What is FWSA?

Freshworks Software Academy (FWSA) is a social impact (CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative powered by Freshworks India Private limited (popularly known as Freshworks) for underprivileged students from low income families who are unable to afford conventional college education but have the right motivation, aptitude to learn software skills & have a strong desire to start their career in technology.


This is a hybrid (offline and online) skilling programme covering 2 tracks:

Life-skills Track​ (English Communication & Personality Development)

Tech-skills Track​ (Software Development & Testing)


By training the students in the above tracks, the program aims to mould students into well rounded professionals ready to take up tech jobs in the IT industry both within Freshworks & other companies willing to provide opportunities for these students.

Where is FWSA located?

FWSA is a CSR program run by Freshworks India Private Ltd India located in Chennai.

Does FWSA help me get a job?

  • FWSA is a training & skilling program that gives students in-classroom training & a guaranteed internship at the end of the program so students build their profile & become ready for placement opportunities.

  • FWSA will arrange for placement opportunities at the end of the program within Freshworks & outside showcasing the proof-of-work done during the classroom training & during internships. 


Considering the COVID situation, how will the training be conducted?

We prefer offline in-person training. We see the most transformation in students’ confidence & communication when they experience real work setup - the office space and when they collaborate with mentors/other software developers in person. However, given we are all fighting the pandemic situation, the training will be conducted online until the lockdown restrictions ease. Once lockdown eases, we expect the students to join the training in-person in our Chennai office.

What is the duration of the program?

  • 12 months in-classroom practical training program with a monthly stipend 
  • 6-12 months of internship experience with monthly salary

What is the medium of instruction going to be?

Simple English. Much emphasis will be given to bring Tamil medium students on par to understand & communicate in simple English.

Will I receive a degree/certificate when I graduate from FWSA?

Not a degree, but a certificate of course completion & internship experience will be provided followed by a job interview at Freshworks & partnering organizations.

What is the course fee?

None. It's a free programme for students who maintain commitment, motivation & hard work throughout the course of it.

Will I be offered any stipend or other incentives?

  • Yes. We provide a monthly stipend throughout the program from day 1 to the last day of the internship. 
  • Additionally, we will also be providing students with laptops & internet dongles for the best software training experience.

What is expected of me during the FWSA programme?

  • Once students clear the admission process & become part of the Software Academy program, we expect them to maintain a high degree of commitment, motivation and hard work, throughout their association with FWSA. 
  • We evaluate the students through attendance % and monthly performances. If a student lacks attendance/performance consistently for 3 months in a row, in spite of multiple interventions & communication, they might not be allowed to continue with the FWSA program.

Is boarding/lodging provided as part of the programme?

No, we don't provide boarding/lodging. Even for students who shift to Chennai to attend this programme, we strongly believe in parents/guardians taking care of boarding arrangements with a local guardian or relative who can ensure the student’s safety & wellbeing.

Will I be tied to any bond?

No, students don’t sign any bond. That being said,  they do sign a contract for basic classroom ethics and eventually, the Freshworks Internship Terms & Conditions.




Who is eligible to apply to FWSA: 2021-22?

  • 17-19 years (DOB between Jan 1 2002 - Dec 31 2004)

  • Highest Education Qualification - 10+3 Diploma or +2 pass


What are the different stages of the admissions process?

  • Step 1: Application Submission
    This is NOT an elimination round. This step aims to gauge the basic personal, familial and educational background of the applicants.

  • Step 2A: Online Entrance Examination (FSAT - FW Software Aptitude Test)
    This is an elimination stage. The FSAT will consist of 3 sections to assess your aptitude & communications skills.

  • Step 2B: Video Interviews
    FWSA interviews are typically 25-40 minute conversations between the candidate and two panelists. Through this stage, we aim to evaluate their logical abilities and get to know candidates in depth. We expect candidates to bring forth the most authentic version of themselves.

  • Step 3:  Enrollment Acceptance
    Candidates get a 20-day window to accept/reject the offer. During this period, calls are also arranged between parents/guardians & FWSA admissions team wherever necessary.

How to prepare for the FSAT & Interviews?

FSAT will be based on Math, Logical Reasoning & Basic Communication. 

Besides, presenting your most authentic and sharp self on the day of the examination, please ensure you have-

  • Read all the instructions sent from FWSA carefully

  • Computer/Laptop with camera/mic (video & audio) working clearly

  • Stable internet connection for 1.5 hours (duration of test)

What will the medium of testing be?

It will be in both, in English & Tamil.

Can I reapply?

As long as you meet the eligibility criteria of an upcoming batch, you can apply.

I started college, but I want to join this program. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes but you will have to quit college to pursue this programme. There have been quite a lot of students in the past batch who quit in their first/second year of college to take up FWSA. 

We expect you to focus full time on this programme with active participation & a strong commitment to perform in-class. 



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