Email Placeholders: Personalize your emails

Use email placeholders in Freshworks CRM to insert custom and default fields from leads, contacts, deals and accounts in your emails. Basically, you can add any existing field in the four modules to personalize your outgoing emails. With intelligent mapping and error alerts, Freshworks CRM ensures your placeholders are reviewed for data before sending.

Personalized emails add uniqueness and increase attention

Emails are an integrated part of promotions and campaigns for any business, whether B2B or B2C. Currently the most easy and efficient mode of communication, emails when personalized have proven to initiate engagement, and increase click-through rates.

Take a look at the two email examples below.

Both emails convey the same message; however, the message on the right is personalized, both for customer and business. The slight difference in tone through personal references invokes the recipient’s attention making it sound less automated, and more human.

How to use placeholders?

Refer to our article on how to use email placeholders.

This feature is available in all plans.

With Freshworks CRM, you can personalize your email campaigns through templates in a way that your recipients are personally addressed without much writing effort and saving time.

Using default and custom field placeholders

Placeholder tab is present in the email compose window where you pick your desired placeholders from the dropdown list of default and custom fields, categorized by module. Identify default and custom placeholders through their syntax. The syntax for default placeholder is {{module.field}}, and custom placeholder is {{module.cf_field}}, where cf stands for custom field. Placeholders will be replaced with the actual data for each recipient by the server.

Intelligent placeholder mapping

Templates are the fastest way to send same emails on a regular basis, particularly for salespersons who send out routine follow-up and thank you emails. With Freshworks CRM, you can create unlimited templates and customize each!

Occasionally you may use an existing template that was originally created for say leads, but being used to email contacts. With intelligent placeholder mapping, default lead fields are automatically mapped to relevant contact fields. So you don’t have to create duplicate templates, and can make use of a common template for lead and contact. Freshworks CRM automatically fetches data through field mapping and replaces your default placeholders with relevant record content.

Identifying placeholder errors

What if the template holds custom lead fields that aren’t mapped to contacts? An error message is immediately displayed in the compose window signalling the placeholder error, and the respective error highlighted red in the message. The application also disables the “send” button for the same message. This ensures placeholders are verified, and email is sent only when recipient holds a value.

Note: Although the syntax during compose shows lead fields format, they are automatically replaced with contact data during email transmission.

Learn what works through email tracking

Know how your personalized email is driving response and conversion through the email tracking feature. If you track your emails, then depending on click and open rates you learn which emails garner attention and which aren’t. This way you get to learn the style of email content that impacts your campaigns, and personalize to what works best for your business type. Email tracking is available in Blossom, Garden and Estate plans.

According to a 2015 email marketer’s survey, personalized emails not only got a 2.5x higher click-through rate, but also generated about 6x more sales. One of the world’s leading beverage companies, Coca-Cola reversed a 10 year decline in US sales through the “Share a Coke” campaign by printing people’s first names on coke bottles and cans.

Personalizing an email goes a long way for businesses. And, we at Freshworks CRM have the tools to make it happen for you, and safeguard your emails with error notifications.

Personalize your emails with the email placeholders feature, and share your comments with us below.

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