Why Attend?

As Freshworks’ market continues to expand and diversify globally, new mid-market opportunities are emerging for partners to deliver unique value-added services and letting partners become successful much sooner as the average ARPU for mid-market is much higher. As Freshworks is getting all set for its twin-engine model for SMB and MM, we have a repository of knowledge that we want to share with our partners globally so that our partners can also grow faster with us.


At Freshworks Inc., a Google-Backed venture, we believe in growing with our partners as we strive to deliver the best suite of products for our customers. Our Mid Market workshop aims to build sales, technical and best practices for our partners. It will be driven by a combination of virtual learning methodology which comprises of webinars and videos from our leaders and, product veterans. and Freshworks academy. This will help partners learn, offer a unique opportunity for new Mid-market prospects to maximize their revenue stream, and network.


Join us at this workshop to explore unique selling opportunities with Freshworks, a leading SaaS customer engagement platform that is trusted by more than 40,000 customers across the world.


At the workshop, you’ll be privy to


  Date                 Module                                                            Topics
February 11 Business Insignts & Freshworks 360
  • Mid-Market penetration, industry verticals and Freshfacts
  • Freshworks 360
  • SDR Best Practices
February 12 Essentials of Mid-Market
  • Apps that helped win Mid-Market deals in 2018
  • Objection Handling
  • Selling top plan(Forest) in Freshworks
February 13 Lead-Generation & Industry Pitches
  • Mid-Market Pitching
  • Freshchat Value Proposition
  • Industry Pitch verticals - Freshdesk & Freshservice
February 14 Competitor Ananlysis and Marketing
  • Account Based Marketing 101
  • How are we placed against competetion - Freshdesk, Freshservice
February 15 Playbook Walkthrough
  • Farming (Increasing exisitng account's average revenue)
  • Freshservice Playbook 
  • Freshsales Playbook
February 18 Message to the partners from Leadership team
  • Freshworks Outlook, Partnerships & Mid-Market Importance
  • Mid-Market Importance to Partner companies P&L
February 19 Customer Success & Account Management
  • Farming & Customer Success : Partner Success Story
  • Customer Success : The Core of business
February 20 Freshdesk - 2018 Big Wins & use-case
  • Key-Wins & Implementation in 2018
  • Freshdesk : Industry Use-Case
February 21 Freshservice - 2018 Big Wins & use-case
  • Key-Wins & Implementation in 2018
  • Freshservice : Industry Use-Case
February 22 Freshchat - 2018 Big Wins & use-case
  • Top Win: Journey & implementation