Whether it is for SMB customers that require simple, affordable, easy-to-use products with a friendly user interface, or for larger enterprises that want a comprehensive platform to build solutions on top of, we craft and design simple products that are scalable, self-reliant, and affordable. 

Moreover, we’re not just building products but are creating an intelligent customer engagement platform that will enable businesses to engage with their customers through the entire lifecycle. The platform is built on our patented AI/ML platform called Freddy and provides intelligent solutions in customer support and customer relationship management. 

If you want to be a part of a fast-growing organization that is revolutionizing how business software is built, join us now! 

UPCOMING   ML Platform Challenges and Applications at Freshworks


Our business customers span several diverse industries including Finance, retail, healthcare, real estate, and education; and their end-users speak various languages. Learn about the value proposition that we have enabled for these businesses by leveraging AI to optimize their sales processes, revenue and customer LTVs.



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Missed our previous session where Samuel spoke about how his team Freshworks moved a Monolithic Rails Application from AWS EC2 to Kubernetes, while still serving a huge volume of traffic and no maintenance windows?

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