Whether it is for SMB customers that require simple, affordable, easy-to-use products with a friendly user interface, or for larger enterprises that want a comprehensive platform to build solutions on top of, we craft and design simple products that are scalable, self-reliant, and affordable. 

Moreover, we’re not just building products but are creating an intelligent customer engagement platform that will enable businesses to engage with their customers through the entire lifecycle. The platform is built on our patented AI/ML platform called Freddy and provides intelligent solutions in customer support and customer relationship management. 

If you want to be a part of a fast-growing organization that is revolutionizing how business software is built, join us now! 

Our speaker sessions

Significance of Platforms in Product Development

Slot: Thu, 29 April, 7:30 AM GMT+5:30 | 30 mins

Speaker: STS Prasad, Executive Vice President for Engineering

Description:  We will share insights from the Freshworks platform strategy and also the key takeaways include how platforms have enhanced product development velocity and customer experience, the difference between product platforms and technology platforms etc

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Building Developer-Centric APIs in a Multi-Product SaaS Org

Slot: Thu, 29 April, 12:30 PM GMT+5:30 | 25 mins

Speakers: Vijay Lakshminarayanan, Senior Manager - Engineering and Geeth Alladi, Staff Engineer

Description: We discuss about building developer-centric APIs in a multi Product SaaS setup , designing API-first, defining API standards, building pipelines, tooling, and also the creation of a cross-functional team of like-minded engineers with a singular vision. We also provide our metrics, milestones and other surprising benefits we reaped when setting things in motion.

Automating Resolution of IT Support with Chatbots 

Slot: Thu, 29 April, 12:30 PM GMT+5:30 | 25 mins

Speakers: Vini Dixit, Lead - Data Scientist, and Srivenkata Reddy, Staff Engineer

Description: We will discuss the new Virtual Agent feature in Freshservice product. We will describe the design considerations for building a virtual agent, the machine learning pipeline, and the feedback system that improves the virtual agent experience. We will cover implementation details of some common Natural Language Processing (NLP) ideas that we have implemented in Freshservice Virtual Agent.

Tempering our Production Practices 

Slot: Fri, 30 April, 12:30 PM GMT+5:30 | 25 mins

Speakers: Anush Arvind,Lead Software Engineer

Description:  We discuss how we learned from past experiences / best practices and came up with some ideas to toughen the product and our practices to ensure that performance and availability are always high. Some of the topics covered in this talk, include auto-scaling our application and background processing framework and reducing blast radius during incidents.


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