The Era of Humanizing IT

Today’s experience economy is forcing IT leaders to transcend their IT services from transactions to consumer-like experiences. With companies focusing on superior customer journeys growing 2X faster than their contemporaries, the time has never been more right for IT leaders to strive to humanize the IT service experience for their customers. In this pursuit, Freshworks believes, putting end-users and user experiences at the core will dominate IT transformation in this decade.

EXPERIENCE IT, hosted by Freshworks, brings 30+ leading CIOs, industry leaders and technology visionaries together for an interview series full of insights and learnings. We will be exploring the evolution of user behavior, the significance of designing IT services that interact with humans, and the benefits of delivering world-class experiences.

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30+ Global IT Thought Leaders

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Track 1

IT Strategy Essentials

In this track, we explore how IT has evolved in the experience economy. From the experience expectation shift, rekindling the love affair with the business to the talent imperative, the basics of delivering world-class experience has changed and how. 

Experience-as-a-Service (EaaS) - Going back to our core

This session explores the relationship between people and technology thus far and how organizations' focus needs to shift from just being able to make IT functional to make it experiential. The experiences these technologies deliver will drive the future of IT.

Beyond technology - The talent management imperative

The expanding role of digital in the enterprise is creating new functions and skill requirements. If we cannot build a workforce that is resilient in the face of constant change, then we will cease to exist. In this session, we look at re-programming skills for the digital era and shed behaviors that are no longer viable.

Business Relationship Management - Rekindling the love affair

In this session, we look at different ways IT can enable other business functions to perform at their best. Business Relationship Management (BRM) has shifted IT's role from tactical interactions to one of strategic engagement. Finding a delicate balance between optimizing business value and evolving business culture helps break down silos to achieve the organizational purpose.

Track 2

Humanizing IT

In this track, we explore different aspects of humanizing IT. Strategies to maximize tool potential, creating an omnichannel experience, and balancing DevOps and Service Delivery - in a new era of humanized IT


Maximizing the full potential of your technology

For most of us, our organization already exists. Often, we are the inheritors of the technology and process choices of those that came before us. We are being asked to transform the complex, deeply embedded legacy systems, constrained processes, and dying skillsets into a new high-performing business model. In this session, let's look at how do we go about maximizing the potential of the tools we have to refresh our technology landscape and enable our teams to make the shift to living digital, to inspire new behavior and to instil a co-creative, resilient culture.

It takes two to tango - The dance between DevOps & Service Delivery

Are we colleagues or adversaries? An ethereal dance performance requires a harmonious partnership. Any discord becomes visibly evident and breaks the flow. The same relationship holds true for DevOps and Service Delivery. In this session, we explore the expectations both teams should ideally have from each other, to avoid missteps. We also cover the impact a well oiled DevOps and Service Delivery engine could have to reach new heights of value success.

Anytime, anywhere - Creating an omnichannel service delivery experience

An average US consumer is connected to approximately six networked devices at a time. With device interaction exponentially increasing and evolving, services need to be omnipresent. With hyper-connected employees and blurring work and personal lines across any channel or device, this session explores how a human-centric omnichannel approach improves service delivery experience.

Track 3

Unlocking IT Potential

In this track, we explore actionable tactics to unlock the potential of IT with AI. These tactics will bring to the forefront - inclusive automation that amplifies the role of humans and understand what success with AI can look like in the era of humanizing IT. 


Unlocking the reality of AI & its growing value

In this session, let's demystify some of the expectations of Artificial Intelligence (AI). While the ongoing debate on the extent to which AI can impact the role of humans persist, AI is already a part of our lives. IT leaders are having conversations around AI as customers expect service and experience similar to Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, etc. How can IT help businesses unlock real value from AI?

Tracking success in the era of humanizing IT

We all like to know where we stand and if we are heading in the right direction. It's about understanding why and how we need to know something to make the right decisions. Amongst other ideas, this session explores the context of blue sky view versus common knowledge and the balance challenge if we're not to become data junkies. To be a part of value co-creation, we share a responsibility for the accuracy, transparency, trust, and security of the information we input to the system that helps make data-driven decisions.

Automation as a lever to amplify the best of human capability

This session looks at what kind of design approach brings together and amplifies the best of automation and the best of humanity. Explore the integration of both the human and automated elements, so the experience is smooth and enables the AI interface to learn and improve on its speed, accuracy, consistency, and relationship interaction.

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