Introducing Sales Campaigns!

Buying is always a guided journey based on behaviour and preferences of your potential customer. Sales reps virtually handle multiple leads everyday. It’s all about how they communicate with the leads without losing the right context.

We get this. And we bring you Sales Campaigns – A smarter way of selling that lets you build and track rule based campaigns, to send the right message to your prospects at the right time.

Sales Campaigns empowers you to perform a set of automated actions on the audience based on their behaviour.

So, how this works –

Perform the right action at the right time

You can choose the type of campaign that best suits your business – the classic way or the smarter way.

CLASSIC CAMPAIGN performs email, follow up and call reminder actions on fixed days specified with each action. Use this type where your selling cycles are fixed and buying patterns are predictable. For eg – sending a fixed set of emails and follow ups as soon as your customer onboards.

SMART CAMPAIGN sends the most relevant message which matches the condition for your leads based on their behavior such as email opened, clicked or replied. Use this type when the sales messaging changes with lead’s activity. For eg – setting up an outbound sales campaign that performs an action based on your prospect’s activity such as email opened, replied etc.

Send emails, Set follow ups and call reminders

Most tools in the market allow you to only send emails through a campaign. But in real world, sales is more than just emails. With this feature, you can also setup follow up tasks or call reminders for leads. For eg – If a lead clicks on the whitepaper link you sent as part of an email, you might want to call this lead directly instead of sending a series of unwanted emails.

Customize your emails

Following are the ways you can customize your emails –

Know when to stop

You can exit the lead from the campaign as soon as the lead gets in touch with you. This can be through a call, conversation on chat, email response or even when they hit unsubscribe. You can also add exit conditions that meets your process.

Track your success

Sales campaign provides you overall metrics of a campaign as well as detailed step level metrics. This not only allows you to assess the overall performance of the campaign but also drill down at each step level to know if its working. Fine tune your campaign anytime based on these overall and step level metrics to achieve your goal.

Overall metrics


Step level metrics

Do try out Sales Campaigns and leave your feedback in the comments below.

PS : We are adding more enhancements to Sales Campaigns. Stay tuned for more!

Applicable plans: This feature is available from Blossom Pricing Plan.

Knowledge Base: What are sales campaigns? How to configure a campaign?