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Brand Stories

Every brand story is a roller-coaster ride with ups, downs and infinite loops. In this podcast, we will take you through brand journeys that stood out to us and talk about parts of their story that inspired us.

Brand story of Disney 

Today’s story is going to be on a brand that literally shattered borders, disrupted markets and emerged as a leader not for one, not for ten, for almost 100 years - Disney!

Change is the only thing that’s constant. We all know that. Managing change is the biggest challenge that most of the growing companies face. Change is what makes most companies fail. So imagine the strength it takes for a company to not just manage change but also endure it and win over it. That’s Disney for you. 

Disney was founded in the year 1923 by Walt Disney. It initially started as an animation studio called Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. They started with silent Alice Comedies short films featuring a live-action child actress in an animated world. They slowly started creating short animated films, then moved on to rebrand themselves as the Walt Disney studios in 1929. That’s a story that all of us know. 

In today’s episode we are going to focus on Disney’s growth and marketing strategies that helped them not just reach the top place but also sustain it for so long. Also, we’ll be talking a little bit about how they make their customers happy! As we like to call it - 96 years of disney in 9.6 minutes.