Should your business choose a dedicated IP?

Confused about a dedicated IP add-on being the right choice for your business? Here is how you can make up your mind. Opt for the add-on if:

  • If your engaged customer email lists continue to grow substantially.
  • If you want full control over your email deliverability rates and sending reputation.
  • If your sending volume exceeds more than 100,000 emails per month.

Request a dedicated IP for your business

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Guaranteed delivery to your subscribers’ inboxes

Manage your sender reputation

If your business sends emails in high volume, a dedicated IP would give you the necessary control and ammunition to manage your sender reputation. Unlike shared IPs, your domain and sender reputation is not influenced by other variables. It will be primarily based on the type of emails that you send, and if your subscribers find it engaging. When your sender reputation is high, your email deliverability rates are improved, thus giving you total command.

Get your emails delivered faster

When you use dedicated IP addresses to send your emails, your messages tend to reach your subscribers’ inboxes more quickly. On the other hand, when you share IP addresses, your emails get queued to be sent. This might cause a significant delay, especially if you are a high volume sender, and in this case, choosing a dedicated IP would fit your email needs better.

Boost your deliverability for different campaigns

Bulk Campaigns

Whether you want to run a one-time offer campaign, or design a beautiful, information-rich newsletter, Freshmarketer has you covered. Create, design, and deliver captivating email campaigns while ensuring high deliverability rates.

Automated Email Campaigns

Freshmarketer lets you set up automated email campaigns that range from a simple autoresponder to complex workflows. Set up journeys on Freshmarketer to deliver targeted and personalized content that improves engagement.

Transactional Emails

Manage your business deals with ease using Freshmarketer. Trigger emails to reach your subscribers as and when a critical transaction takes place. And with the dedicated IP address, never miss your subscribers’ inboxes.