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Deliver timely emails that propel your business forward

Build emails hassle-free 

Creating emails need not be back-breaking anymore. With Freshmarketer’s selection of transactional email templates, simply pick and choose one to start creating. Want to maintain consistent branding? Use our flexible and straightforward drag-and-drop editor to build transactional emails that abide by your guidelines. You can also import custom HTML templates that can save your efforts and time, than building one from scratch. 

Guaranteed email delivery 

Never worry about your users’ not receiving your emails anymore. Freshmarketer sends transactional emails via a dedicated IP address pool so that your emails are delivered straight to your users’ mailboxes. Also armed with other features like a strict spam control policy, domain authentication, and more, the deliverability of these emails sent by Freshmarketer is unmatched. 

Powerful automation for higher productivity

Use transactional emails in Freshmarketer’s journeys that can take your automation game a notch higher. Trigger transactional emails based on preconfigured events, add them to lists, send internal notifications to your teams and do much more with Freshmarketer. You can also create segments for your transactional email recipients, and stay on top of their activities with contact timelines.

Track emails’ performance

Transactional emails tend to perform better than your regular emails. Easily track your transactional emails’ performance in real-time, with powerful analytics and reporting. Move beyond opens and clicks to identify even the granular of metrics and stay on top of your email marketing game. 

Everything you need to deliver critical emails

Easy Setup and Implementation

From choosing existing templates to creating new ones from scratch, setting up and sending transactional emails need not be a hassle anymore with Freshmarketer.

Dedicated IP Addresses

Freshmarketer’s transactional emails come with dedicated IP addresses that ensure that your emails skip the spam folder and are delivered straight to your customers’ inboxes every time.

Extensive API Documentation

With thorough and extensive API documentation, Freshmarketer can give your developers all the ammunition to capture events and send data needed for transactional emails.

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