Who is your audience? 

How do they feel about your brand? 

What topics and trends are they discussing online? 

How can you connect with them more effectively? 

If these are some of the questions that have kept you up lately, then social media monitoring/social listening is the need of the hour.

Social media monitoring involves tracking and responding to all of the messages sent to your social media accounts. Social listening, on the other hand, refers to the analysis of conversations and trends happening around your product(s) and/or services, and using those insights to make better marketing decisions. Both these processes together can help you understand why, where and how these conversations are happening, and what your audience makes of your brand. This, in turn, will help you set the course for future campaigns.

Traditional social media monitoring (without image analysis) is a bit limiting as you could miss out on as much as 85% of mentions! But with a modern social media monitoring tool, you can monitor your social accounts in real time, track countless daily mentions of your products, uncover consumer and competitor insights, identify brand influencers and detractors, and do a whole lot more thanks to its superior image recognition technology.

Watch our webinar with YouScan where we discussed how analytics gathered through the YouScan-Freshdesk integration can be leveraged to ultimately better your customer service.s


Alexey Orap



Arjun Mohan

Senior Specialist, Social Media