Rethink CX: Episode 3

Finding possibility in challenging times

In Episode 3 of Rethink CX, Micah Solomon, CX expert and bestselling author, talks to legendary marketing guru, Seth Godin, about how the current crisis can bring growth personally and in relation to customers.

We cover:

  • How to find a minimum viable audience for your product or service in times of disruption
  • How to stand out in your messaging during the crisis
  • How we can bring humanity to the customer experience equation
  • How to go about identifying innovation opportunities in CX that are driven by the current situation
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About Rethink CX

We’re proud to host an exclusive 5-part video series on how your business can come out of this crisis stronger by focusing on your customers. 

Join Micah Solomon, customer experience expert and bestselling author, as he covers topics ranging from managing contact center solutions, leveraging AI and automation to building a customer-centric culture and more with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

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