Food for Thought Friday is Freshworks’ way of engaging with our vibrant and growing base of companies in Utah. Let’s build our local network of the Freshworks Family, learn something new, and enjoy some food together.


The first 50 registrants from our UT community will receive credits to Doordash, where you can get your "Food for Thought" delivered to enjoy during the session. We recommend you support our local Beehive State based customers such as Crumbl Cookies, Kneaders Bakery and Cafe Rio.


We look forward to treating you in this remote session during Lunchtime/Noon (MST).

Sessions To Join:

Freshdesk - Friday 5/21 | CX 

Join us for a demo of Freshdesk for OmniChannel Customer Service, and hear directly from one of Utah's own business leaders. We will discuss the challenges of delivering world class customer service on any channel and the benefits you can bring to your company with the right strategy, toolset and partnership for Customer Engagement.


Learn how to improve your CSATs, while simplifying the tech stack needed to run a modern, integrated Customer Service operation for your organization with a unified approach to Help Desk and Self-Service via Chat, Bots, Phone, Social, Business Messaging and Email.

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