Businesses are jettisoning conventional telephone systems and switching to a smarter, intuitive and more efficient way of communicating with their customers—Cloud Telephony. With a cloud telephony solution, you can do all the things that you could with a telephone and more without investing in any additional infrastructure.

Cloud telephony not only allows your customer support professionals to think from the perspective of the customer and treat each call as if it were the only one but CTI systems are now an inseparable part of any customer service team with more and more businesses embracing this technology with each passing day.

With the right cloud telephony solution integrated with your helpdesk, you will be able to give your customers undivided attention and solve their problems right then and there and retain them for life. 

 The speakers during the course of the webinar discussed how efficient call management by your customer service teams can improve customer loyalty and retention.


ankit kapoor headshot2 ankit kapoor headshot2

Senior Manager, Customer Success


Ankit is a versatile customer success professional with seven-plus years of experience in client handling and retention. He has worked primarily in B2B industry, and has dealt with customers across different geographies. His areas of expertise include driving automation in client processes, product training, building successful customer relationships, and improving customer lifetime value. Apart from this, he believes in building a team with friendly environment while promoting self-learning and innovation.

sundar sundar

Regional Head, Customer Success


Sundar has been playing key roles in multiple startups in the areas of eCommerce and analytics in the last six years. He's an entrepreneurial thinker with over 18 years of executive and hands-on experience in consulting, program management and product development. This includes 12 years in the IT services industry leading development and deployment of custom applications, handling diverse teams, and managing multiple stakeholders in different business domains and geographies.