How Pharmeasy leveraged Freshworks Omnichannel platform for increased customer satisfaction?


Providing seamless support across multiple channels has become a top differentiator for companies in today’s fast-paced world of multi-device consumers. It’s a trend that places more responsibility on your customer support team than ever before and that requires more strategic use of your tools.

In this webinar, hear from Anshul Jain, Product Manager, on  how Pharmeasy leveraged an omni-channel support strategy to create a  seamless  experience for their customers.

Here is a sneak peek of what the webinar will cover:

   - How the team at Pharmeasy delivers omnichannel support and what it means for their customers and agents.

   - Key considerations for support leaders who are looking to roll out an omnichannel strategy.

  - Tips to improve the performance of your live channels and self-service options.

  - Customer engagement across channels.



utkarsh awasthi utkarsh awasthi

Utkarsh Awasthi

Head, Customer Marketing


anshul jain headshot anshul jain headshot

Anshul Jain

Product Manager


krishna murthy krishna murthy

Krishna Murthy

Lead, Customer Success