In 2020, social distancing and remote work have become necessary for businesses to function as countries and economies across the world battled the COVID-19 crisis. 

It’s only now that we’re seeing economies tentatively begin to step out of lockdown and try to return to 'business as usual’. But how do they get back to ‘BAU' and what does normal look like in a post-pandemic world?

This conversation will look into:  how CX teams adapted during the crisis; the adoption of technology, especially remote-working technology to enable teams to continue working through the global lockdowns - perhaps even spearheading the fourth industrial revolution; the 'new normal' - new normal of businesses, customers, customer support, workplaces, and more; things we lost and gained along the way - CX practices that have now become obsolete and the latest trends that are here to stay.

We will also have App in the Air, a joint customer of AppFollow and Freshworks, share their experience, how they worked through it, and how this crisis has changed the way businesses function forever. 


Meet the speaker!

alexandre alexandre

Aleksandrs Nosovs

Head of Customer Success and Communications

App in the Air

vera vera

Vera Rabkina

Head of Ratings and Reviews


utkarsh1 1 1 utkarsh1 1 1

Utkarsh Awasthi

Head - Customer Marketing, Global Enterprise Business