92% of customers say that an agent’s mood affects their experience. 

The aforementioned statistic underscores the fact that a business must ensure that their agents’ experience is just as good as their customers’ experience. After all, customer service is the backbone of any organization and without a strong, diligent support team, things may come to a grinding halt.

There’s more to Customer Support than meets the eye. A typical day of a support agent involves checking ticket queue, prioritising them based on severity, and then resolving them. They do this day in, day out without batting an eye. Hence, it’s important to pay attention to your agents’ mental and physical well-being i.e. their happiness, work-life balance, the things your company culture offers them, etc.

Watch the webinar to understand how gathering and analyzing quality customer feedback  with the Stella Connect - Freshdesk integration helps keep your customer support agents happy and functioning like a well-oiled machine so that they are able to focus on things that matter the most—your customers!


Alex Richards

Head of Sales Engg. & Partnerships

Stella Connect

Sukanya Arunachalam

Support Lead, Freshdesk