“By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human.” – Gartner

We live in a cross-device, cross-platform world, where customers are selective about the brands they interact with. In this day and age, customer experience can greatly impact the success, growth, and even failure of your business. The ideal customer experience is achieved when a company is able to identify a customer, remember past interactions and use this information to provide them with personalized experiences throughout their unique customer journey.  

This is where AI comes in—with AI, companies, and brands have the opportunity to analyze millions of insights and customer journeys from multiple channels and create responses that agents can use reply to individual customers in a manner that is unique to their issue, all the while maintaining the ‘voice’ of the brand. 

AI’s biggest impact is to make customer service far more automated, immediate and hassle-free, not just for agents but more importantly for customers. Positive customer experience can be the driving force that results in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty which can have a direct impact on revenue. 

Join us for a webinar with our partner Parlamind where we will discuss how AI can be used in customer support, and how it can deliver positive interactions and impact revenue. 


murali murali


Marketing Manager & Lead - ISV Partnerships, Freshworks

Murali is the Lead for ISV Partnerships at Freshworks and is on the path to building a thriving ecosystem of ISVs, System Integrators and Developers who can build apps and innovate on the Freshworks platform. 

pirathipan nanthakumar pirathipan nanthakumar

Partner Management Specialist,

Parlamind GmbH

Pirathipan is a partner management specialist at Parlamind.  Helping companies discover the future of customer-focussed AI.