As is the case with most industries, the financial services industry has gone through significant transformation largely thanks to digitization. Finserv institutions have rapidly moved from in-person transactions to internet-based transactions; finally moving towards digital omnichannel transactions. 

Monumental leaps in tech have intensified competition between various service providers - so how does one business differentiate itself from another? Businesses can do this by offering seamless and customized services to customers. 

Customers today seek to transact quickly, at any time, with minimal interference and through the convenience of their own devices. This applies not only to how customers transact but also how they expect to interact with the customer support extended by BFSI/Finserv institutions. It is the duty of every financial institution to ensure that they are able to deliver exactly that - fast, consistent, personalized interactions. 

Meet the panelists!

kushal agarwal kushal agarwal
Kushal Agrawal

Chief Strategy Officer


himanshu himanshu
Himanshu Singh

Head of Solution Engineering and Public Sector Growth


nityanand gopalika nityanand gopalika
Nityanand Gopalika

VP, Customer Success