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This course gives you a walk-through of how you can go about setting up Freshsales CRM as an admin. By the end of this course, you’ll learn how to set up the CRM for your team and get them onboard.

The Freshsales CRM Admin Fundamentals course will take you through the different options available for you as an admin so that you can choose what is best suited for your business.

In this course, we’ll be covering:

  • Basic concepts of Freshsales CRM: Learn what is a lead, contact, account, and deal, and why you’d need them.
  • Inviting your team onboard: Bring your sales team onboard and define their roles and scope of data access.
  • Setting up email as admin: Understand how to configure email for your team.
  • Customizing the CRM: Learn how to modify Freshsales to suit your business needs.
  • Creating multiple sales pipelines: Define multiple pipelines based on your sales process.
  • Configuring territories: Define sales territories and auto-assign leads to your team.
  • Creating workflows: Learn how to automate repetitive tasks using workflows.

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