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The role of marketing is rapidly changing. To be a great marketing leader you should not only be adaptive to the changing landscape of marketing, but you also have to be ahead of the curve to make any real difference.

So, if you are a new marketing manager or if you aspire to be one, you’ll agree with us when we say that leadership in marketing is one of the most challenging roles to which you can transition. And that's why we created Marketing Masterclass. It is an online course in Freshworks Academy that is an excellent stepping stone for first-time managers and leads in marketing to learn what it takes to be a marketing leader. 


Course Curriculum

General Marketing

1. Role of Marketing in an Organization

The role of marketing in an organization keeps changing as the company grows. It even varies from one organization to the other. What are some of the constants you can count on? What are the areas in which the rest of the company will always depend on marketing?

2. Setting Goals

Focusing on individual things can often prevent you and your team from achieving the bigger picture. When you are setting your own goals, how can you make sure that they inspire your team to derive their own?

3. Allocating Marketing Budget

Planning out your budget so you can achieve your goals is a complex process. What are some parameters you can focus on to get it right? How do you know you're investing in the right things?

4. Alignment Between Marketing and Other Teams

Marketing teams need to collaborate with other teams like sales, product, and design. This is how you can ensure that your product is attractive and something people will buy. What are some rules of engagement to help these relationships function smoothly?

5. KPIs to Measure

Marketing without measurement and analysis is not marketing. How can you look at the right KPIs for your campaigns and quantify your progress to see how close you are to achieving your goals?

6. Community and Partnerships

A community comes with a variety of gains for everyone involved if done right. Whether it is a partner or a customer community, they're great places for building relationships and brainstorming ideas. How can you build and engage a community?

People Management

7. How to Hire Marketers?

Hiring is the most important people-management task to do. You have to figure out how you can identify and train your potential hires so that you end up with a well-rounded team. How can you go about the hiring process?

8. Advice for Aspiring Managers

Managers need to be able to inspire and empower their team as well as constantly learn on the job. How can you be a phenomenal manager who gets things done, and done well?

Content Marketing

9. Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is about the right content reaching the right audience at the right time. How do you make sure your content is timely and of great quality? 

10. Content Distribution Strategy

Once you have your strategy in place, you have to distribute your content properly to your audience, whether it is through organic or paid channels. What is the right way to think about content distribution?

Product Marketing

11. What is Product Marketing?

Product marketing is often misunderstood as it lies at the convergence of your sales, product, and marketing teams. What exactly does being a product marketer entail and what are they trying to achieve?

12. How to Hire Product Marketers?

Product marketers need to comprehend the product completely to be able to create engaging messaging. They also have to make sure your sales team can sell your product. What do you look for when you're hiring for such a role?

13. Product Marketing KPIs

Product marketing KPIs are usually different from general marketing KPIs as they have an additional focus on customer lifecycle and sales close rates. So, which KPIs matter to product marketers and why?

14. Alignment between Product and Marketing Teams

Product management and marketing roles have the same goal. And working closely is key to making the customer successful. What steps can you take to align product marketing with the product teams?

15. Distributing Messaging Across the GTM Teams

In order to be able to sell your product well, you have to ensure not just your customers but also your sales and other customer-facing teams understand it. How would you effectively distribute your product messaging across your various teams?

Marketing Masterclass Instructors

Colin Campbell

Director of Marketing at Sales Hacker

With over 10 years of marketing experience, Colin believes that marketing, if done right, should feel like a gift. Some of the notable companies that he’s worked with include Brafton Inc. and Easy Energy of Massachusettes, LLC.

Jill Soley

Bestselling author of Beyond Product

With over 16 years of experience, Jill embraces a collaborative, customer-focused approach to product and marketing management. She has worked with Freshworks Inc, Cloverpop, Adobe, Siebel systems, Sony Pictures Imageworks, etc.

Wes Bush

Bestselling author of Product-Led Growth

With over 9 years of marketing and teaching experience, Wes believes the days of hiding your product behind closed doors is gone and that it's time to lead with your product. He's worked with brands like Axonify,  Vidyard, and TEDxUW.

Eric Keating

VP of Marketing at Appcues

With over 17 years of experience, Eric is known for building efficient demand-generation functions, telling compelling stories, and fostering high-performance teams. He has worked with brands like Zaius, Kantar Millward Brown, and more.

Janani Dwaraknath

Head of Product Marketing at Freshworks

With over 12 years of experience, Janani believes that product marketers give a voice to both the product in the market and vice-versa. She has worked with big brands like Cognizant Technology Solutions and has expertise in Brand and PR.

Russ Somers

VP of Marketing at TrustRadius

With over 20 years of experience, Russ's finesse lies in combining strategic vision with analytical insight and excellence in execution. He has worked with notable brands including Trendkite, sonarDesign Inc, Invodo, and more.

With our own...

Praveen Ramesh

Community Outreach Manager at Freshworks

With over 8 years of experience, Praveen engages with industry leaders, CxOs, analysts, and thought leaders to create content related to Customer Engagement and SaaS. Other notable brands he’s worked with include Stayzilla and Envigo Ltd.  

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