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Happy Employees and Happy Customers: How culture built a great company

For Girish Mathrubootham, co-founder and CEO of Freshworks, the recipe for building a great company was simple: happiness. And it was codified in the company culture: creating a happy work environment, building amazing products, and delighting customers.


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Now more than ever, values such as happiness, empathy or well-being are essential for building long-lasting customer and employee relationships. Joined by over 5,000 business leaders from Europe, ON Festival explores the role you and your organisation can play in embracing positive values.

Watch the live sessions to learn more about people first and get inspired by these world-class leaders.

Marc Randolph (Netflix)

That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea

Netflix Founder and startup CEO Marc Randolph shares the unlikely story of how a handful of dreamers with no money and a bad idea, created the company that eventually brought down Blockbuster. Packed with dozens of stories that trace the dramatic ups and downs of those first exciting years, Marc weaves an inspiring story that shows the value of innovation, persistence and optimism.

Marc Randolph Marc Randolph


Tal Ben-Shahar (Harvard Author)

Positive Leadership – Strategies for Success

Drawing on research from positive psychology and organizational behavior, psychologist Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar explores what we can do to nurture the inherent potential in ourselves as well as in those with whom we work. Drawing on rigorous research coupled with compelling stories, the author of Harvard's most popular course on "Positive Psychology," explains how we can find more happiness as well as success.

speaker tal 1 speaker tal 1


Alexandra Dimiziani (Former AirBnB)

Acting on Purpose

In her talk Acting on Purpose, CMO Advisor and former AirBnB global marketing director Alexandra Dimiziani will share the business case for brand purpose, where it often goes wrong, and what it looks like when it’s done right.

Alex Dimiziani On Festival Speaker Alex Dimiziani On Festival Speaker

Henk Jan Beltman (Tony's Chocolonely)

Building Success by Believing in the Values that Matter


No doubt, Tony's Chocolonely is one of the most engaged and coolest brands in the industry. Not only do they deliver WOW moments to their customers through delicious chocolates and amazing packaging, but the leitmotiv on free slave chocolate is clearly an example for others to follow.

henk jan headshot 1 henk jan headshot 1

More On-Demand Sessions

raphael enthoven headshot 2 raphael enthoven headshot 2
Raphaël Enthoven

French Philosopher, TV and radio presenter

Location: Paris

Raphael Enthoven On Festival by Freshworks Raphael Enthoven On Festival by Freshworks
Augustin Paluel-Marmont

Entrepreneur, Founder and ex CEO at Michel et Augustin

Location: Paris

Constance Scholten Constance Scholten
Constance Scholten

Executive Board Member & Chair Community at EarthToday

Location: Amsterdam

taco headshot 2 taco headshot 2
Taco Carlier

Co-founder, VanMoof

Location: Amsterdam

Coming soon on festival Coming soon on festival
Dame Inga Beale

Former CEO of Lloyds of London & diversity and workplace equality advocate

Location: London

Ranga Yogeshwar Ranga Yogeshwar
Ranga Yogeshwar

Physicist and science journalist

Location: Berlin

ronald gerber web ronald gerber web
Ronald Gerber

Head of Customer Support at Tomorrow

Location: Germany

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