Know why unified customer insights is the secret to leads that convert

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Point CRM Solutions
  • One buyer, many opinions, clashing teams
  • Keeps sales and marketing siloed
  • Exposes premature marketing leads to sales
  • Handicaps your campaign segmentation
  • Offers only a partial view of lead activities
  • Locks you up in contracts
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Unified Marketing and Sales Solutions
  • One buyer, one truth, one team
  • Aligns sales and marketing around the customer
  • Promotes marketing-nurtured hot leads
  • Empowers you to hyper-personalize your campaigns
  • Traces activity from leads to deals in a single view
  • Gives you wings and fast ROI

Watch how Freshworks CRM gives you a 360° view of the buyer journey 

Get unified, actionable and omnichannel buyer insights from your marketing and sales touchpoints.

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Try Freshworks CRM 

Get a 36o° view of your customers and power your business growth with a real view of your buyers, not guesses.

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