According to Gartner, 80% of all organizations expect to compete on CX. These brands go above and beyond to set up great customer journeys, including significant investments in customer journey mapping, omnichannel experiences and customer analytics. However, one aspect that’s often forgotten but yet is critical is an online customer community.Join us for the first episode of “Community Matters” as we host Shep Hyken to discuss an online community’s importance in shaping the customer experience. We’ll discuss how online communities:

  • Contribute to a higher trust in your brand
  • Act as a source of first-party customer data and identify issues before they blow up
  • Can be a form of self-service for faster resolution and lower costs
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Kaitlyn Bate

Director, Global Customer Experience Strategy

Kaitlyn is the global director for Freshworks’ customer experience strategy, where she’s ​passionate about transforming the customer journey by streamlining and reducing friction.  Before Freshworks, she was the Director of Products & Customer Success at AnsweriQ, an AI startup for customer support. Kaitlyn ​also ​spent ten years in the HR tech space and held various Product roles, including Senior Product Manager, Go-to-Market PM, and Technical PM. She also spent the first few years of her career in Account Management, where she established firm roots in customer advocacy.  Her experience​s​ in managing both customers and products ​gives her ​a ​holistic understanding of customer expectations and the nuances ​of delivering products to customers.