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Berlin, Germany

  • Organizing data
  • Following up with leads regularly
  • Managing large number of leads
How Freshworks CRM Sales Cloud helped:
  • Organized all the customer information in one place
  • 8% increase in revenue from new target groups with advanced workflow automations

Doozer is a SaaS platform specializing in real estate renovation. They connect professional craftsmen looking for real estate projects with property owners looking to renovate their space. Their platform’s algorithm calculates (in square feet) the total work needed based on the job’s requirement.

 But while Doozer saves their users’ time, how do they save their time, particularly, considering the fact that their sales team handles three different target groups?

 Essentially, the real estate SaaS platform’s target comprises of three categories:

  • Craftsmen

  • B2B clients such as private housing companies and public housing schemes, and 

  • B2B2C clients that include folks owning a couple of houses that they rent out and need craftsmen regularly to help with the renovation.

Doozer’s journey to automation, increased revenue, and, of course, time-saving

Before Sales Cloud, Doozer used Salesforce, but they quickly learned that it wasn’t flexible enough to meet their requirements. 

 So, about 1.5 years ago, team Doozer set out to look for a CRM tool that is flexible, highly-customizable for their needs, and offers advanced workflow capabilities to manage their fast-growing business.

“Customizations and workflow capabilities were an absolute necessity for us”

Robert Frenz

Entrepreneur in Residence

Doozer Real Estate Systems

Sales Cloud quickly took home the trophy for checking all their boxes. Additionally, with the pay-as-you-grow pricing structure, Doozer was convinced that they’ve found their perfect CRM. 


In fact, Robert Frenz, goes on to say, “we can easily create new sales agents or downgrade sales agents. So we have not only high flexibility within the toolset itself but also in the [pricing] plans.”

Sales Cloud x Doozer: how the match works 

With SalesCloud, Doozer was able to cross out three goals with one CRM software: increased automation, an uptick in revenue, and better productivity.

How? A number of features that Sales Cloud offers help them. Here are Doozer’s top three according to Frenz:


✔ Easy integrations

Frenz points out the integrations cut down the odds of errors. For example, by integrating Sales Cloud with Freshcaller, sales agents don’t have to worry about having to log recordings manually in the CRM, which Frenz says “has a high probability of errors.

Between this and other integrations, Frenz and the team also get a unified view of all that’s happening. 

“When it is all connected, we can see everything in one place and basically have all the interaction streams showing in the CRM tool.”

Robert Frenz

Entrepreneur in Residence

Doozer Real Estate Systems

✔ Better workflows

With Sales Cloud, Doozer’s sales team has seen the best of productivity by automating different tasks.

Majorly, the Sales Cloud CRM tool is able to help quality leads as well as tag each lead’s status. 

Here’s how this happens: Doozer has connected their website with Sales Cloud using webforms. When a lead shares their contact number on their website form, the details are automatically captured in the CRM, triggering a workflow where an intro email with a Calendly link is sent to the prospect. 

If a lead hops on a call, the sales team can tell they’re a lead ready to move to the next stage. If not, another workflow is triggered where an automated follow-up email is sent a few days later and the CRM reminds reps to follow-up on the call as well.

This is the lead qualification workflow that the team set up in Sales Cloud.


✔ Multiple pipelines

With Doozer’s sales agents running the show with three different audiences, Frenz believes the multiple pipelines that Sales Cloud offers are a great help.

With different pipelines for different audiences, the team can better understand how each target audience is doing and what they need to do for luring in more quality leads from each pipeline.

Frenz also applauds a fourth and final Sales Cloud feature – the sales analytics that lets them create dashboards to review their sales process.

Frenz notes, “we want to see how many leads we get per day, how many leads we convert per day, and also, we track how many calls are logged per day, how many emails are sent per day.” 

The dashboards show all this and more to the team. 

When asked how Doozer’s sales teams feel about the CRM, Frenz was quick to reply “They feel very confident using it. It connects with their emails easily. The mobile app is also convenient to send emails or call the prospect from within the CRM.”

Doozer’s revenue increase with Sales Cloud

While all this explains how the team’s productivity has gone up with our CRM tool, how has their revenue shaped up?

Frenz tells us they’ve only recently explored the different categories of their target audience—landlords who rent out their property. He explains how this audience posed completely different challenges compared to their usual clients, who were more interested in efficiency and have a longer sales cycle.

In contrast, their new audience wanted good, fast, and on-time renovations of their property. Hence their sales cycle is shorter, and the sales process and touchpoints were different. 

Doozer’s requirement swiftly changed to a solution that will help them keep up with the new target group. “We needed a solution with advanced automation capabilities, that will help us efficiently drive more leads in our pipeline than before”, Frenz recalls.

And Sales Cloud lived up to all of it. 

In the 1.5 years that they’ve started, all the automation and other features that Sales Cloud offers has helped them expand their business to a new audience and increase revenue significantly.

“After the implementation of the Freshworks tools, we could successively increase our conversion rate from 2% to 8% in the new target group of semi-professional private landlords.”

Robert Frenz

Entrepreneur in Residence

Doozer Real Estate Systems

In short, Doozer has been able to scale leads efficiently, drive more of them in their pipeline for three different target audiences while expanding their business with Sales Cloud. 

“The Freshsales CRM has many products that can help small companies to grow fast with limited resources.”

Robert Frenz

Entrepreneur in Residence

Doozer Real Estate Systems