Customer Experience


CX 100: Demystifying AI in CX

AI can be a competitive differentiator to provide intelligent and powerful customer experiences, but only when you know how. In this track, learn how leading companies are charting out their AI strategies to create customer journeys that are integrated, personal and more natural to customers.

CX101: 4 Ways in Which AI is Used in CX

Speaker: Arun Mani, Managing Director - Europe, Freshworks
Session Brief: In this session, Arun will be talking about the ways in which AI is helping companies improve customer experience. The 4 ways he highlights are:

  • AI Avoid
  • ​​AI Deflect
  • AI Route
  • AI Assist

CX102: Move to 'Proactive Support' with AI-Powered Solutions

Speaker: Girish Mathrubhutham, CEO and Co-founder, Freshworks
Session Brief: In this session, Girish will be demonstrating how AI can help you proactively engage with customers to deliver more value by:

  • Training the bot for response
  • Proactively engaging with bots
  • Easy context sharing for quicker resolution

CX103: Scale Your Customer Support with AI-Powered Solutions

Speaker: Andrew Navin, Customer Support Manager, Freshworks

Session Brief: In this session, Andrew will share his experiences of scaling the support function by leveraging AI to deflect tickets and for other initiatives. He talks about:

  • The need for automation
  • Introducing AI for deflection
  • Ensuring the accuracy of data
  • Learning other initiatives

CX104: Choosing the Right AI Partner for Scaling Customer Support

Speaker: Vinod Chandramouli, Head - ASEAN Business, Freshworks

Session Brief: Know what are the different things to check while evaluating an AI-powered CX solution. Vinod explores into evaluating the following areas:

  • Checking overall capabilities
  • Ensuring the accuracy of the information
  • Ease of implementation
CX 200: Creating Seamless Customer Experiences

The key to creating winning customer experiences depends on creating hyper-personalized, meaningful experiences throughout the omnichannel customer journey. In this track, you will learn how you can contextually engage with customers across multiple touchpoints.

CX201: How to Map Customer at Every Point in their Digital Journey

Speaker: Kirsty Traill, VP of Customer, Hootsuite

Session Brief: In this session, listen to Kirsty's views on how to support the customer throughout their buying journey. She touches on the following points:

  • What is the social customer journey?
  • Customer support model for the social customer

CX202: Why Customer Convenience is the New Marketing Currency

Speaker: Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert, Bestselling Author

Session Brief: In this session, Shep talks about the following:

  • Importance of customer service
  • Why companies lag behind
  • Actionable strategies
  • One thing customers expect

CX203: Building Digital, Connected Customer Experiences for Next-generation Customer Support

Speaker: Brandon Latteri, Customer Success Manager, Aircall

Session Brief:  Your customers are hyper-digital and always connected. But are customer experiences the same? In this session, listen to Brandon talk about how you can build next-generation customer support by:

  • Knowing your customer
  • Getting the right tech
  • Solving problems
  • Being human

CX204: Setting Up a Scalable Omnichannel Support

Speaker: Arun Mani, Managing Director - Europe, Freshworks

Session Brief: In this session, Arun talks about the modern customer and how it is imperative for companies to be truly omnichannel. He touches upon the following aspects:

  • Understanding the customer's concern
  • Routing issues to the right agent
  • Sharing context from all channels
CX 300: Building a Customer-centric Company

Customer service is everybody's business. In this track, you will learn from leading business leaders on the different initiatives they have taken to make their organizations customer-centric.

CX301: Why Your CEO Should be on Support

Speaker: Girish Mathrubootham, CEO and Co-founder, Freshworks

Session Brief: A CEO's perspective on how the support channel is a good way for the leadership team to understand the voice of the customer. 

  • Philosophy of CEO on support
  • Getting strategic insights from support conversations
  • How other CEO's have benefitted from CEO on support

CX302: Why You Need a Customer-in-Office Program

Speaker: Sangram Vajre, Co-founder and Chief Evangelist, Terminus

Session Brief: Learn how you can create a lasting relationship with customers by inviting them to the office and making them feel important. In this session, Sangram talks about:

  • Customer-in-office program
  • It's benefits
  • Scaling the program

CX303: How You Can Build a Culture of Customer Obsession

Speaker: Megan Guy, Head of Customer Marketing, Segment

Session Brief: Listen to Megan share her views on:

  • What customer obsession is not
  • Challenges in customer obsession
  • Implementing the change in culture
  • Ensuring the adoption of culture

CX304: Support is a Team Sport: Building Connected Teams with Slack

Speaker: Jim Ray, Developer Relations, Slack

Session Brief: Support is a team sport that can be only won by connected teams. Who better than Slack to tell us how we can connect teams to deliver delightful customer support. In this video, Jim Ray talks about:

  • What makes a good customer service?
  • Complexities in customer service
  • Supercharging your customer service through connected teams
CX 400: Transforming Contact Centers to Revenue Machines

Although contact centers are often remotely located, they are crucial to the business. Check out this track to know what contact centers can do to drive more profits for the company.

CX401: 5 Steps to Generate Revenue From Your Contact Center

Speaker: Pranay Desai, Head of Enterprise Marketing, Freshworks

Session Brief: In this session, Pranay will be talking about how contact-centers can generate more revenue by:

  • Reskilling or hiring the right people
  • Ensuring the right metrics are monitored
  • Having the right technology in place

CX402: Leveraging Social Support for Brand Building

Speaker: Ed Towner, Enterprise Account Manager, Freshworks

Session Brief: In this session, Ed talks about:

  • Impact of social media on brand equity
  • Customer behavior from social channels
  • Tips to support customers on social media

CX403: Upgrade Your Contact Center From Reactive to Proactive Support

Speaker: Arun Mani, Managing Director - Europe, Freshworks

Session Brief: The best tickets are the ones which aren't raised. In this session, listen to Arun talk about how you can proactively address cases where:

  • Customer does not care about the issue
  • Customer is unaware of the issue
  • Incident is yet to happen
CX 500: Must-have Skills for CX Professionals

You want to put your best foot forward when it comes to engaging with customers. Check out this track to know what are some of the skills one must develop to deliver delightful customer experiences.

CX501: 5 Ingredients of Exceptional Emails

Session Brief: An exceptional email helps you reach out and build a bond with your customer. In this session, find out the ingredients of an exceptional email.

CX502: 6 Tips to Handle Twitter Customer Support Like a Pro

Session Brief: Customers expect a response on Twitter in less than an hour! Check out the 6 tips for you on how to handle customer support on Twitter like a pro.

CX503: 7 Essential Tips to Deliver Stellar Facebook Support

Session Brief: Customers go to Facebook to discuss grievances about brands and take recommendations from their friends. This makes it imperative to have a best-in-class customer service on Facebook. Check out this video to learn how you can deliver stellar customer support on Facebook.

CX504: 7 Ways to Express Empathy

Session Brief: Customers need to know that you understand how they feel and that you're on their side. As a support agent, you achieve this successfully by showing empathy. Check out this video on 7 ways to express empathy.

CX505: How to Say No to Customers

Session Brief: There are many occasions when you would have to turn down a customer. They may be asking for products or services you don't offer or they may be making unreasonable demands. Here's a list of things you need to keep in mind while saying no to a customer.

CX506: 7 Ways to Communicate Customer Feedback

Session Brief:  Customer feedback is a precious commodity in any business. Learn 7 ways to communicate customer feedback in the right way.

CX 600: Enhancing Your CX with Customer Feedback

As companies strive to be increasingly customer-centric, customer feedback becomes an invaluable asset. Check out this track to know ways to collect customer feedback and how you can enhance your customer experience with feedback.

CX601: Why Investing in Customer Satisfaction Matters

Speaker: Jo Causon, CEO, Institute of Customer Services

Session Brief: In this session, Jo Causon talks about:

  • The impact of trust & reputation in customer satisfaction
  • Top customer expectations
  • Ingredients of customer experience excellence

CX602: Increasing Customer Service Quality with Conversation Reviews

Speaker: Martin Koiva, Co-founder, Klaus

Session Brief: Focus on quality, not just quantity, when it comes to customer service. Are you using tools that influence the right behavior? In this session, Martin will share his insights on the following:

  • What are Conversation Reviews?
  • How companies benefit from Conversation Reviews
  • How to get started with the process

CX603: How Hootsuite Listens to the Voice of its Customers

Speaker: Kirsty Traill, VP of Customer, Hootsuite

Session Brief: Are you listening to your customer? The best insights come from your customers. In this session, Kirsty Traill shares her views on:

  • Voice of the customer techniques
  • Closing the loop with VoC
  • Qualitative insights from VoC


Sales & Business Growth


Sales 100: Must-have Skills for Sales Professionals

Learn how to attract, engage and close from veteran sales leaders like John Barrows, Colleen Francis and Anthony Iannarino to truly level-up your sales game.

Sales101: Leveraging LinkedIn for Sales

Speaker: Nivas Ravichandran, Product Marketer, Freshworks

Session Brief: In this session, you'll learn:

  • Building your LinkedIn profile
  • How to connect with prospects
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • How to engage with prospects on LinkedIn

Sales102: How to Ace Account-Based-Selling

Speaker: Clifton Lobo, Account Manager, Freshworks

Session Brief: In this session, you'll learn: 

  • Creating and segmenting a list of accounts
  • Mapping key decision makers in the organization
  • Targeting the right people with the right message
  • How to gain from rejections

Sales103: How to Create Irresistible Sales Prospecting Emails

Speaker: Heather R Morgan, CEO, Salesfolk

Session Brief: In this session, Heather will talk about: 

  • The difference between mediocre sales emails and the kind that get 46% positive response rates.
  • Actionable tips to write irresistible sales prospecting emails
  • Live teardowns of real sales emails with advice on how to fix them
  • Simple but proven tips to help you optimize your email campaigns

Sales104: Cold-calling Best Practices

Speaker: Morgan J Ingram, Director of Sales Execution, JBarrows Sales Training

Session Brief: Morgan gives actionable tips and insights into the entire cold-calling process. He covers topics such as:

  • Tips to open a cold-call
  • How to prepare for a cold-call
  • Cold-calling script
  • How to recover from a bad sales call

Sales105: Driving an Effective Sales Meeting

Speaker: John Barrows, CEO, JBarrows Sales Training

Session Brief: In this session, John talks about:

  • Common challenges with sales meetings
  • How to prepare for a meeting
  • Effective follow-up techniques
  • Tips to reduce no-show rates

Sales106: Effective Negotiation Techniques

Speaker: Colleen Francis, President & Founder, Engage Selling Solutions

Session Brief: In this interview with Colleen, we talk to her about:

  • Essential sales negotiation rules
  • Mistakes in sales negotiation
  • Preparing for sales negotiations
  • Avoiding pricing pitfalls while negotiating
  • When to walk away from a negotiation and a whole lot more!

Sales107: The Lost Art of Closing

Speaker: Anthony Iannarino, Sales Leader, Speaker, Author - The Lost Art of Closing

Session Brief: The Lost Art of Closing proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall. Through this session, discover the ten essential points that will help you win customer commitment along the purchase journey.

Sales 200:  Building a Winning Sales Organization

Listen to Aaron Ross, Jacco vanderKooij and more on building successful sales teams and scaling them to high-performing, revenue generating organizations.

Sales201: Building an Outbound Sales Function

Speaker: Aaron Ross, Co-CEO, Predictable Revenue Inc.

Session Brief: Aaron Ross is the author of the best-selling book, Predictable Revenue. He talks about starting an Outbound Sales Team and other related topics including: 

  • Inbound vs Outbound
  • Ensuring smooth handoff from SDR to AE
  • Process of building an Outbound team
  • Setting goals and keeping morale high within the Outbound team

Sales202: Building a High-performing Sales Team

Speaker: Jacco Vanderkooij, Founder, Winning by Design

Session Brief: In this session, Jacco takes us through what it takes to build and sustain a high-performing sales team. He touches upon topics such as:

  • Managing sales organizations
  • How to work smarter, not harder
  • Building a coaching mentality
  • How to visualize your learnings and coaching of the team
  • How to start getting involved right away

Sales203: Building a Successful Inside Sales Program

Speaker: Amy Appleyard, Global SVP of Inside Sales, Carbon Black

Session Brief: In this interview with Amy, we talk to her about building a successful Inside Sales team and she covers the following and more:

  • Common mistakes to avoid in inside sales
  • Identifying the prospect’s primary motivation
  • Recommended sales flow for inside sales reps
  • How to avoid overselling
  • When to walk away from a deal

Sales204: How to Build & Scale a Global SDR Team

Speaker: Karthik Rajaram, Global Director of Sales Development, Freshworks

Session Brief: In this session, Karthik talks about:

  • How to create and scale a global SDR team
  • Creating an effective SDR onboarding process
  • How to build an SDR team culture of feedback, trust, and learning

Sales205: Growing Into New Geographical Markets

Speaker: Arun Mani, Managing Director - Europe, Freshworks

Session Brief: In this session, Arun talks about:

  • Scaling a SaaS business
  • Importance of product-market fit while scaling
  • Setting up an office and structuring operations
  • Non-negotiables when scaling to a new geography
  • Pressure points to watch out for when expanding
Sales 300: Revealing Secrets of Successful Sales Teams

Ever wondered how these high-growth companies managed to scale their operations and become leaders in their segments?
Learn the secret sauce of sales from organizations such as Slack, Stripe, and Twilio.

Sales301: Startup Sales Strategies from Stripe

Speaker: Meka Asonye, Head - Startup Sales & Customer Success, Stripe

Session Brief: Meka shares the secret sauce that helped Stripe scale progressively. This interview with him includes:

  • The sales process and sales cycle followed at Stripe
  • What worked in favor of Stripe’s sales growth
  • The philosophy that Stripe's sales team believes in

Sales302: How Slack Scaled their Mid-market Sales Team

Speaker: Maggie Hott, Mid-market Sales Manager, Slack

Session Brief: In this interview with Maggie, we talk to her about:

  • How Slack approaches Mid-Market sales
  • The different sales buckets at Slack
  • Hiring at Slack

Sales303: Sales Strategies at Twilio

Speaker: Stevie Case, Enterprise Regional Director Sales, Twilio

Session Brief: In this interview with Stevie, we talk to her about:

  • Sales strategies at Twilio
  • Twilio’s growth story
  • How to hire for enterprise sales
  • The importance of building culture in your organization
Sales 400: Sales Enablement for Sales Success

Empower your sales teams with the right assets to help them close bigger, better and faster! This track will cover all the must-have documents required during the sales process including sales playbook, sales deck, sales proposals, and a lot more!

Sales401: Must-have Docs for High-velocity Sales

Speaker: Mikita Mikado, CEO, PandaDoc

Session Brief: In this session, Mikita talks about the types of content you should consider for your sales teams including:

  • Sales playbook and its impact
  • Knowledge base, content library, and quotes
  • Proposal and contract templates
  • Tips on setting up these sales documents and a whole lot more

Sales402: Building a Great Sales Deck

Speaker: Alli McKee, Founder & CEO, 

Session Brief: In this session, Alli speaks about how to build sales content that actually works, using tactical examples from dozens of successful sales decks. She covers:

  • Telling stories based on each buyer persona
  • Simplifying content using clear, concise visuals
  • Personalizing materials for more personalized conversations

Sales403: Creating a Killer Sales Proposal

Speaker: Adam Hempenstall, CEO, Better Proposals

Session Brief: This session has Adam walk you through exactly what makes the highest converting proposal. This data comes from a report which contains real data analyzing $120,000,000 of deals won across 6,000 customers. You’ll leave with a checklist of points from which to base every future proposal you write. You’ll learn:

  • The statistical effect of great design
  • What you should call the price section of your proposal,
  • About including video, and other crucial points.


IT & Employee Experience


IT 100: Future of Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT is made of long, winding layers of complexity. Decoding these layers to separate the good, bad and the ugly is a great place to start simplifying it. This track focuses on understanding the past, present, and future of enterprise IT and discusses new ways to navigate what lies ahead of us in the enterprise.

IT101: Why is Enterprise IT Complex?

Speaker: Prasad Ramakrishnan, CIO, Freshworks

Session Brief: Enterprise IT is plagued with complexity . But not, all complexity is bad. In this session, we discover the good, bad and ugly of IT complexity at enterprises. This session will deep dive into 3 components of IT complexity :

  • Context
  • Technology
  • People

IT102: 10 IT Initiatives CEOs Expect from CIO and Team in 2019

Speaker: Karen Ferris, HDI's Top 25 Thought leaders

Session Brief: In January 2019, Freshworks commissioned market-leading survey firm, Censuswide to conduct a global survey to understand from business teams, their expectations from the CIO & team in 2019. 350+ decision-makers from medium and large businesses across industries participated in the study. Here are key highlights from the session :

  • Meet the modern CIO
  • Evolving expectations from the IT team
  • State of digital transformation in 2019
IT 200: Service Delivery in the Modern Workplace

Today's workplace experiences create a looming sense of employee frustration and loss in business productivity. This track visualizes the future of work while discussing ways to get there. From improving new employee onboarding to inspiring collaboration at work, this track will help IT teams, curate and deliver better employee experiences.

IT201: How Consumerization is Changing the IT Support Model

Speaker: Andrew Edelman, Director of Business Development & Partnerships, Box

Session Brief: The SaaS boom has changed the way enterprise tries and buys technology. Best-of-breed technologies have emerged to meet the needs of a modern IT organization. This new technology purchasing model has multiple implications for IT support. This session will discuss :

  • Cause and effect of consumerisation in the enterprise
  • The impact of cosumerisation on IT support
  • A view into the future of workplace

IT202: Balancing Security & Productivity in the Digital Workplace

Speaker: Shivanath Somanathan, CISO, Freshworks

Session Brief: IT teams are torn between offering productivity and ensuring security with new applications and increased access. The new IT purchasing model is further fuelling this concern. Find out how you can balance productivity and security in an increasingly digital workplace.

  • Common cyber security incidents and why do they recur?
  • Understanding the biggest "risk" to your business
  • How to solve for it using people, process and technology?

IT203: A Better Way to Onboard New Employees

Speaker: Prasad Ramakrishnan, CIO, Freshworks

Session Brief: New employee onboarding is a team sport involving cross-functional teams. But, collaboration across cross-functional teams often means confusion and chaos. Now, throw in manual and paper-clogged process and you've got a big problem on your hands. So how do you collaborate without complexity? This 10-minute video covers:

  • How manual onboarding is slowing you down
  • Your toolkit to digitize onboarding
  • Scaling with automated onboarding
IT 300: Automation and the Future of Work

There is always room for improvement when it comes to productivity. This track explores different levers available to an IT team to improve their productivity. Start with a reality check of your automation maturity and walk away with strategies and tactics to level-up agent productivity and improve operational efficiency.

IT301: A Simplified Service Desk Automation Maturity Index

Speaker: Alan Berkson, Global Director of Community Outreach and Analyst Relations, Freshworks

Session Brief: Use this simplified service desk automation maturity index to assess your automation maturity. Each level comes with what automation you should have or need to set up in your organization. This session will include :

  • A ready-to-use automation maturity index
  • Assess your maturity against 5 distinct categories
  • Identify where to level-up on priority

IT302: A Run-up to Intelligent Service Desk Automations

Speaker: Simone Jo Moore, Service Management Consultant, Top 25 Thought-Leader

Session Brief: Automation has a lot of benefits when done right. Learn the building blocks of successful, intelligent automation. In this session with Simone Jo Moore :

  • Learn how to level-up your automation maturity
  • How to align people, process and technology to the initiative
  • How to leverage data for AI/ML practices

IT303: Workflow Automations to Future-proof Your Service Desk

Speaker: Ashok Gudibandla, CEO, 

Session Brief: Start with small, quick automations that can improve the way you manage tickets. In this video, we cover:

  • The challenge with context and collaboration in ITSM
  • Addressing the challenge with workflow automation
  • A sample ticket lifecycle walkthrough

IT304: Improve Real-time Operations Management Across the Enterprise

Speaker: Julie Gunderson, DevOps Advocate, PagerDuty

Session Brief: The advent of new technologies is transforming the way people work every day. This session talks about the importance of real-time operations and how integrating it with the service desk can help you scale digital transformation without the side-effects. This session covers :

  • The importance of on-call and full-service ownership
  • A 6-step framework for real-time operations
  • Automating real-time operations and the service desk
IT 400: Demystifying IT Frameworks

With technology evolving every day, frameworks become increasingly important to ensure there is a method to the madness. At stake are service quality, security, and other strategic corporate goals. This track will deep dive into the various IT frameworks and its impact on the day-to-day functioning of the IT team.

IT401: Demystifying ITIL

Speaker: Akshay Anand, ITSM Service Architect & Product Manager, Axelos

Session Brief: Know the design and guiding principles that underly ITIL as we know it. Go behind the scenes to see how ITIL v4 was envisioned and what ITSM challenges it was designed to solve for. This session discusses :

  • ITSM challenges that ITIL v4 solves for
  • 6 design principles of ITIL v4
  • 9 guiding principles of ITIL v4

IT402: Demystifying VeriSM

Speaker: Johann Botha, Principal Consultant, getITright

Session Brief: This short 10 minute video is a window into the key concepts of VeriSM and its approach to IT service management. The session also offers a practical approach to successfully adopting VeriSM in ITSM.
This video covers :

  • Key concepts in VeriSM
  • VeriSM's approach to ITSM
  • A practical guide to adopting VeriSM in ITSM

IT403: Demystifying DevOps for ITSM

Speaker: Barclay Rae, ITSM consultant, analyst, and writer | HDI Top 25 though-leader

Session Brief: ITSM and DevOps aren't mutually exclusive. Though both have different focuses, ultimately, customer experience is everyone's business. In this video, learn how to make ITSM and DevOps work towards a shared goal with actionable insights from a few success stories.

  • Making ITSM and DevOps work in harmony
  • Competitive edge & pitfalls in the DevOps way
  • Success stories of DevOps in ITSM 

IT404: Demystifying Agile in ITSM

Speaker: Barclay Rae, ITSM consultant, analyst and writer | HDI Top 25 thought leader

Session Brief: From software development to ITSM, the agile way of working is influencing the way teams work. Learn how the concept of agile is changing the way IT teams across the world deliver secure, reliable and efficient services. This video covers:

  • Success stories & tales of fails in agile
  • Playbook on achieving real value from agile in ITSM