Deliver Accurate, Round-the-clock Support

Use the Freddy bot-builder to provide AI-powered customer support around the clock and across channel. Intelligently escalate complex queries to live agents so that customer experiences don’t suffer. Use a single platform to create, train and measure your bots and improve the customer journey across channels.

Shift from Reactive to Proactive Engagement

Push proactive notifications, such as shipping updates, boarding passes, and product alerts, using channels your customers love. Pull customer context from internal systems, whether it’s your order management system or CRM, to personalize bot interactions and tailor your responses to every customer.

Improve Productivity with Agent-Assistants

Who said chatbots are only for customers? Use agent-assist bots to work behind-the-scenes and allow agents to focus on what matters most - the customer. Improve productivity by automating data entry, configuring guided workflows, providing customer context, and suggesting answers or next best actions.

Help Your Customers Wherever They Are

Free your chatbot from the shackles of chat. Engage your customers across channels including email, interactive websites, chat, social media and your mobile app. Improve customer satisfaction by making support intuitive and instantaneous.

Happy Agents. Happier Customers.

  • Fewer queries
  • Improved productivity
  • Context and insights
  • Higher engagement
  • Instant support
  • Available 24x7
  • Accessible on all channels
  • Higher satisfaction

Powerfully simple bot-building platform

Code-less Platform

Build and deploy chatbots easily without writing a single line of code

Multi-channel, Multi-lingual

Deliver consistent experiences across channels in languages of your choice

Extend & Scale

Leverage internal business systems using integrations and extensible APIs

Bot-to-Agent Handover

Seamlessly transfer ongoing conversations to live agents as and when required

Intelligent Routing

Identify the best agent to solve incoming queries using Machine Learning

Agent Assistance

Automate data entry, provide customer context and suggest next best actions

Powering Next-generation Customer Engagement