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 What is Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)?

Freshdesk Contact Center is an easy-to-use, affordable & well-integrated business phone service that suits businesses of all sizes. It helps business phone teams engage with their customers 24/7 with its highly efficient set of features ranging from call routing workflows to the more modern AI-powered answer bot.

Benefits of using a well thought out business phone service



Scale effortlessly with relevant phone service capabilities

Choosing a business phone service that scales effortlessly with your growing customer base is important. Choose one that enables you to add new agents without having to depend on complex processes or technical support. Choose a business phone service that helps you scale.

Business voip phone service Business voip phone service



Engage with customers using a high quality phone service

Uninterrupted phone conversations with customers paves a long way in gaining customer’s trust & loyalty. By investing in a high-quality business voip phone service you can ensure there are no call drops or muffled connectivity during your everyday interactions.

Voip business phone service Voip business phone service



Take charge of your customer’s satisfaction with a well-integrated solution

Businesses in the current age equip themselves with more than one tool to run various streams of their business. So it’s highly advisable to invest in a business phone service solution that works well with most of the business software out in the market.




Business voip phone service Business voip phone service

Features of a valuable business phone service

Easy to set-up Call Routing 

Our inbound routing engine is a powerful team with an all-star lineup that can solve for wait times and speed of answer with intelligent call routing.

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Extensive Number Availability

Buy local phone numbers from over 90 countries. You can also purchase toll-free and vanity numbers to make your business more accessible to your customers.

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Flexible Call Recording

Choose from a variety of call recording options to comply with regulations. Start/pause call recording, opt-in for call recording, or even disable call recording. It also comes in handy for training, quality checks, and contextual conversations.

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Real-time Monitoring

Whether your team is on-premise or remote, real-time monitoring is essential for a business function as crucial as customer support. Access call monitoring, call barging, SLAs, and more.

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Visually Enriching Reporting

Build your own performance reports or use one of the many reports we’ve curated for you. You can also view call charges, call recordings, and transcriptions that will give you the complete context for all your calls.

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Inbound and Outbound Calling

Freshdesk Contact Center is a complete call center software with both inbound and outbound calling capabilities. So if your business believes in proactive customer support, we have the capabilities to support your goals.

Wide Range of Integrations

From CRM to Helpdesk, to e-commerce solutions, Freshdesk Contact Center integrates with over 25 apps that businesses use every day. It provides tight integrations with native tools like Freshdesk Core, Freshworks CRM and, Freshservice.

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AI-powered Voicebot

The voicebot powered by Freddy AI gives instant answers around-the-clock, giving customers the right solution they need without the help of a live agent. Also deflects FAQs and takes the load off your agents.

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Multi-device Experience

Freshdesk Contact Center is also available on mobile. This means, your agents can take or make calls when they’re on the move and on the device of their preference. Agents can also forward calls to their phones.

Freshdesk Contact Center is built for businesses of all sizes.

Why choose Freshdesk Contact Center as your go-to business phone service

Easy to use

Freshdesk Contact Center is so easy to operate that your agents can hit the ground running from day one. Adding agents & teams is a one step process and not to forget the intuitive UI & routing interface like no other.


You can always start fresh with Freshdesk Contact Center with no old infrastructure and all new phone numbers with a pricing plan that suits you the best. You can also port in your existing numbers at minimal costs in Freshdesk Contact Center.


The Freshdesk Contact Center Marketplace is home to integrations that span across e-commerce, agent productivity, CRM and helpdesk tools. Also provide well-rounded customer experience through our extensive CTI and third-party integrations.


Freshdesk Contact Center is equipped to scale with your growing business. Freshdesk Contact Center is used by businesses of all sizes ranging from one-person businesses to enterprises. With Freshdesk Contact Center, adding and removing users couldn’t be easier — just a few clicks and it’ll be done in under a minute.


At Freshdesk Contact Center, we’ve taken care to ensure our compliance with the GDPR regulations. Freshdesk Contact Center is committed to adhering to the highest standards of data privacy and security. Keeping your & your customer’s data safe is a priority for us.


Freshdesk Contact Center is a reliable phone system that handles thousands of conversations on a daily basis. We ensure that our call quality is top-notch.