What’s new in Freshdesk Contact Center: Dissecting our upgraded dashboard for supervisors

As larger phone teams are ramping up on Freshdesk Contact Center, we increasingly understand the pressure on dedicated supervisors to keep your call centers running smoothly. And, we wanted to ensure these unsung heroes get the help they deserve as they battle against peak traffic times, call monitoring and agent management. Keeping this in mind, we’ve made some pivotal enhancements to our real-time dashboard that can be used by supervisors, admins and account admins.

Call center supervisor dashboard

The upgraded supervisor-dashboard on Freshdesk Contact Center

Let’s walk through our new features from the top. Watch out for our Pro Tips too!

1) Track call stats by the hour or for the day

As any supervisor knows, the key to managing a call center well on a day-to-day basis is not just about tracking individual calls, but also about being able to step back and get a pulse of overall operations. With Freshdesk Contact Center’s new summary stats, supervisors can track call volumes for the day, and even track it for the last hour.

Stats are available for total incoming and outgoing calls, abandoned calls, missed calls, and voicemails. With this, call center supervisors can know when there is unusual traffic, higher abandonment rates, or fewer voicemails. While “Today” stats can tell you how your day is going, the “Last Hour” stats is a great to way to stay on top of peak hours.

Pro tip – If call volumes are higher than usual, and your staff is limited, increase the number of callers you allow in your queue to be able to answer more calls.

Call center stats

Summary stats by day or the last hour

2) View abandoned calls

It may take multiple iterations for a call center to find the most caller-friendly workflows. Using our new abandoned metrics, you can easily find out how your call flows are performing. Now, supervisors can track when a caller hangs up the phone even before reaching voicemail or an agent.

It is important to differentiate these calls from your missed calls while optimizing your call center — while the latter helps you keep track of how well your agents field calls or if there are too many callers in your queue, abandoned calls let you know when your callers are too impatient to go through your whole IVR menu or wait in your queue. Using this data, supervisors and admins can tweak call flows and ensure they have the right balance between getting the right context and asking too many questions before routing a call.

*Abandoned calls are now indicated in historic call metrics too.

Pro tip – If your number of abandoned calls are higher than the number of missed calls, try removing an IVR menu from your call flow.

Abandoned calls

Abandoned calls on the Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard

3) Manage calls by queue names in the in-queue list

A call center supervisor has to manage several different queues at one go. If they want to look at calls in queue across their system, the Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard now shows them which queue each call is waiting on. With this, supervisors can make quick decisions at one glance and decide where to move agents when call volumes are high.

Pro tip – If the first few calls in queue are all from the same queue, introduce smart escalations to that queue for callers waiting for more than a certain time, and divert these calls to another channel.

Viewing calls by queues

Managing calls by queues

4) Save your favourite filter preferences

A supervisor needs to increasingly bring in efficiency to their call center, and when call volumes are high, every second counts. But what if their own activities are getting in the way of achieving this? Between monitoring calls, editing call flows and diverting traffic, supervisors end up performing repetitive actions everyday based on the data they see. When we observed supervisors who used our system extensively, we saw that they went back to the same lists and views they were monitoring throughout the day. So, we now save filter preferences in the real-time dashboard so supervisors can shave several minutes off their work every day, and improve call center efficiency while at it.

Pro tip – If your call center supervisors handle multiple teams, organise your call queues based on teams. Supervisors can then focus on a particular team to coach or add more agents.

5) Easily spot calls on hold

With Freshdesk Contact Center, supervisors can track all ongoing conversations and monitor or barge into any of them, anytime. This is great to check in on agents. But sometimes, agents might be struggling to find answers behind the scenes by putting customers on hold. And when calls are on hold for too long, customers get impatient and drop off. To ensure supervisors can stay on top of such calls, we now have an indicator for calls on hold, along with the time they are on hold for. Supervisors can easily see calls that need to be flagged and can intervene and quickly help out customers so they are not on hold for too long.

Pro tip – If too many calls are on hold every day, have a training session with your agents to help them answer more questions on their own.

Managing calls on hold

Calls on hold

6) Get a full picture of agent availability-statuses

You can also see what your agents are doing at a glance. Freshdesk Contact Center now displays four basic statuses for agents – Online, Mobile, ACW, Offline. All agents who are not in conversation with callers will be listed here and supervisors can see how long they have been in their respective states. Logged-in agents are shown with their last call activity, while offline agents who are not logged in are shown by their last logged time.

Pro tip – Have all the statuses collapsed by default, so you can dive into a particular section based on unusual activity

7) Make agents online/offline

In addition to viewing availability statuses, supervisors can now mark online agents as offline if they are aware that an agent might not be at their desk or has forgotten to log off. At the same time, if there are logged in agents who are offline for calls, supervisors can mark them online so they can start answering calls.

Make agents offline

Switching agent statuses

Pro tip – If there are several logged in agents who are offline at any given point, consider increasing goals for your agents and challenging them.

We would love to hear how your team supervisors use the Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard, and what more you’d require to make your call center more efficient! Write to us at hello@freshcaller.com. We are listening. 🙂