What’s new in Freshdesk Contact Center: Multilingual support, Custom ringtone, Notes transfer and more

The first half of 2018 has been super busy and exciting for us — businesses across verticals began trusting us to power their entire business phone systems and call centers. As we continue to grow fast, we are thrilled to start sharing regular updates on how we are constantly improving Freshdesk Contact Center to become the most preferred cloud call center product for businesses of all sizes.

In the past few weeks, we have shipped several new features that can help you provide better contextual support and improve the overall call experience for your customers and prospects. Let’s dive right in.

Freshdesk Contact Center goes multilingual

Do you operate a global call center? If yes, it’s a given that some of your agents possess great call center skills, yet they struggle because of a product or tool that is available only in English.

It’s time to give your call center agents a shot in the arm with the localized product interface of Freshdesk Contact Center. We are starting this by enabling our German customers to use the product in their native language. Agents can self-select the language of their choice from the profile settings page in Freshdesk Contact Center.

Multilingual support

Switching to German on Freshdesk Contact Center

This is just the beginning. We want to ensure our customers spread across the globe can provide support in the language that works best for them. We will soon be launching a localized product interface in 33 other languages including French, Dutch, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Customize your ringtone

High abandon rates in a call center is a supervisor’s nightmare. We reached out to several call center teams for discussing solutions to this major problem. One key insight we unearthed is that the ability to play right messages and caller tunes during a caller’s wait time is a powerful tool to reduce abandoned calls.

With Freshdesk Contact Center, you now have the option to assign a custom ringtone or recorded message for each of your numbers. When a customer calls your support number, the ringtone or the message set for that number is played to the caller instead of the default ringing sound. This helps the customer get useful information and reduces the frustration of waiting for an available agent.

Customizing ringtone for a Freshcaller number

Setting a custom ringtone for a Freshdesk Contact Center phone number

You can create the messages or ringtones of your choice using speech to text or recording from within Freshdesk Contact Center or upload your own mp3 file.

Improved context for transferred calls

Let’s take a moment to understand one of the problems faced by Freida, a support executive in a bank. She gets a transferred call from a different department. As always, she greets the customer with a cheerful greeting. Despite Freida’s best efforts, the customer is frustrated and does not want to repeat the problem again. The customer hangs up the call and Freida ends up with a bad CSAT rating. Sounds familiar?

Freshdesk Contact Center call center software is equipped to help agents like Freida get the rating they deserve. We want to set them up for success by providing the necessary contextual information required for answering calls.

Agents in Freshdesk Contact Center can now communicate the context for transferred calls through notes. When an agent transfers a call, the call notes that the first agent has gathered till that point will also be automatically transferred to the second agent’s conversation widget.

Transferring notes

Transferring notes along with transferring a call

Better control for supervisors

In addition to all this good news for our agents, we have better announcements for our supervisors who use Freshdesk Contact Center. 🙂

Freshdesk Contact Center now supports two additional filters in call metrics which will enable supervisors to analyze data better — the team filter and the company name filter. Are you a supervisor for a specific set of teams in your company? You can now view the call metrics data specific to your team. Are you looking for calls from a set of important corporate clients? You can now filter the calls by the company name as well. But this is just the tip of the good news iceberg for supervisors. Find out what’s brewing in our next edition of What’s new in Freshdesk Contact Center.

That’s it from us for this update. We will keep you posted on the exciting new features coming up in the next few weeks. Subscribe to this blog for regular updates on Freshdesk Contact Center. If there is anything you want to talk to us about, please write to us at hello@freshcaller.com.