All Features Call Center Management

Call Center Dashboard

Manage your call center by utilizing the live Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard. Our call center dashboard lists the live calls that are taking place in your virtual call center. Calls that are waiting in the queue to talk to your agents are listed as well along with the real-time agent availability status. Analyze the live dashboard to implement the best call center management practices and optimize your call center performance.

Call Monitoring

Call monitoring or call listening helps in supervising your phone teams in real-time and maintaining the quality of conversations and resolutions your call center offers.. The Freshdesk Contact Center call monitoring software allows you to listen to live conversations between your agents and your customers/prospects and evaluate the effectiveness of their communication.

Call Barging

Barge into calls when you know that the conversation can be enriched by your presence or when the agent requires help to defuse the situation. Call barging is a vital call center management technique and can help in improving your bottom line by rescuing conversations that might otherwise lead you to lose customers.

Call Center Reporting

In-depth call center reporting is possible with a detailed analysis of your conversations with customers/prospects along with the performance of your call center agents. Exhaustive call center metrics help you understand the micro and macro level working of your virtual call center. Call center reporting module helps you understand what or who works and vice-versa.

Automatic Call Recorder

Use the inbuilt automatic call recorder to store all your conversations or just your incoming or outgoing phone calls. You can also choose to manually record calls after obtaining explicit consent of your prospect/customer. Utilize Freshdesk Contact Center’s call recorder to learn from all your incoming and outgoing calls, and manage your call center accordingly.

Additional features

Call center metrics

All vital metrics to manage your call center available to you along with the entire history of phone conversations.

Call Queue Visibility

View call waiting status in your queues and manage your call center with Freshdesk Contact Center’s live call center dashboard.

Agent Status

Be aware of agent-status whether they are available on browser, mobile, on-call or offline, and manage your call center resources.

Centralized Management

One dashboard to implement call center best practices and manage your virtual call center.

Call From Any Number

Manage your call center effectively by allowing your call center agents to make outgoing calls from any number.