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Abandoned calls show you the way

Why should businesses use the knowledge of abandoned calls and improve their call flow.


Caller Comfort Analysis

Phone calls, when abandoned by the people who initiated it in the first place highlights issues with your call handling plan. They would rather not solve the problem than talk to your agent. Figure out where the abandonment is happening, call back a few callers to understand how welcoming your phone journey is.

Caller journey analytics



Team Performance Analysis

As supervisors or team managers, you have the unenviable task of benchmarking the performance of teams on a regular basis and ensuring that the quality of interactions does not drop at any point in time. Based on the abandonment of calls during ringing or wait queue indicates improvement use cases for your team.

Phone team analytics


Phone Journey Effectiveness

Abandoned calls give administrators the opportunity to revamp your current phone plan. Abandonment during IVR, Call Queue, Voicemail suggests problems with the phone journey. Administrators should use this data to become more empathetic to the callers and build better plans.

Phone journey analytics / Call flow analytics

Abandoned call metrics in Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Manage your phone team by making the best use of abandoned calls

Call Metrics

Export the abandoned call reasons from your Freshdesk Contact Center Call Metrics page.

Live abandonment

Real-time tracking of abandoned calls in your Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard

Short abandons

All calls getting abandoned before a certain time threshold (typically 5-8 seconds)

Analyze your call abandonment issues

Calls get abandoned during different stages of the call journey. By exporting  Freshdesk Contact Center's Call Metrics data, you can get detailed information about every single call made or received through your phone account. Besides other important metrics such as IVR time,  Wait time, etc. the exported call metrics data  also provides details of when the abandonment of call took place. Utilize the stage of abandonment to make improvements to your call flow. For example, if a great % of conversations are ending during the IVR then your callers are finding traversing through your planned IVR journey cumbersome.

abandoned metrics reasons
Call abandonment type Description
Abandoned (IVR) Call was discontinued during your IVR menu
Abandoned (Voicemail) Call is discontinued in the leave-voicemail module
Abandoned (Wait Queue) Call is discontinued while waiting in a queue
Abandoned (Ringing) Call is discontinued after agents are notified
Abandoned (Call Queue) Call is discontinued after IVR but before an agent gets notified

Call center supervision made easy

With our dashboard, even Jon knows everything 

With Freshdesk Contact Center's real-time dashboard, you can monitor your entire call center operations from anywhere in the world. The In-Queue section lists down all callers who are waiting to talk to your agent. In-Conversation section lists all live conversations which you can monitor and barge in as a supervisor. You can also look at the real-time agent availability status with the dashboard.


Real-time dashboard for phone teams

You got your eyes on everything 👀

Virtual teams across the world won't make any difference to your job as the phone team manager or supervisor. That's because you use Freshdesk Contact Center's Service Level Monitoring capability to stay-on-top of your real-time service level numbers. Monitor queue specific metrics and make better decisions on staffing, call flows, and the overall running of your call center.


Service level monitoring for teams

When you see our reporting module - that's Amore 

Reporting modules make or break businesses and it's safe to say that you are in good hands. With Freshdesk Contact Center's reporting capabilities, you can analyze call and agent related pre-built reports or build your own custom report anytime. You can schedule it to have it delivered to your inbox regularly. It's time to get your hands dirty with the all-new reporting module of Freshdesk Contact Center.

Reports for call centers and phone teams

F.A.Q on Freshdesk Contact Center's Abandoned Metrics capability

What is the difference between missed call and abandoned call?

  • When the caller gets intentionally routed out of the system, it becomes a missed call

  • When a caller quits the phone journey even before talking to an available agent, it is an abandoned call

When can a call get abandoned?

  • A call can be abandoned at any point in time before it reaches an available agent

  • For team performance calculations, short abandons (calls abandoned within 5-8 seconds) are not considered.