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What is agent status

Agent status is a call center feature that allows call center agents to display their availability on their profile. With agent statuses, supervisors can get better visibility into the availability status of their agents, and what agents are doing when not taking calls. Modern call center software allow supervisors to change the status of agents, and to set up routing rules based on agent availability.

Why use agent statuses


Display availability in real-time

Agents can display their availability status across teams in real-time. This helps you gain visibility into what agents are doing when not taking calls. It also helps determine if calls can be routed to that particular agent, as agents can handle calls only if their status is set to ‘Available’ or ‘Forward to phone.’






Display agent availability in real-time Display agent availability in real-time


Get an overview of agent activity

Custom statuses help you understand what agents are doing when they are not available to take calls. Setting up custom statuses like Lunch, meeting, break, etc., will help you gain visibility into each agent’s activity. The Agent Activity Report provides information about the activity status of all agents in your call center. It gives the amount of time spent by each agent under each status.




Get an overview of agent activity Get an overview of agent activity


Track and change agent statuses

As a supervisor/manager, you can change the availability status of the agents in your team to address any sudden influx of incoming calls. You can also filter agents by statuses, and see how long an agent has spent under each status through the Live Dashboard. When you monitor calls, you can make agents ‘Offline’ to give them any inputs on how to handle calls.

Track and modify agent statuses Track and modify agent statuses

 How to setup agent statuses in Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Create custom statuses so agents can choose one that fits their situation the best. This way, supervisors can also better understand what exactly the agents are up to when they’re not available. Here’s a list of default and custom statuses available with Freshdesk Contact Center. Supervisors can also create new custom statuses based on requirements.

Ensure round-the-clock agent availability with Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Monitor live calls

Monitor agents in real-time to track their performance on calls. Join calls with just a click, and listen in without the agent or customer being aware of your presence.
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Barge into calls

Barge into ongoing calls when the situation demands it. Talk to customers directly when your agents are unable to answer specific questions, and barge in to de-escalate tense situations.
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Improve productivity with ACW

Enable agents to address action items at the end of each call with the ‘After Call Work’ setting. Agent status automatically goes into this mode once the call is complete to enable them to wrap-up the call.
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View call metrics

Access call metrics and agent performance metrics in real-time. These help you gain insights into your call center’s overall performance and help provide inputs on agent performance. They also help you measure the operational growth of your call center.

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Monitor service levels

Ensure adherence to service levels by making use of the call center QA dashboard. Set global or queue level service targets, and monitor them through the service level compliance module to keep track of adherence to the set service level targets.
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Supervise with Live dashboard

Track key metrics through the Live Dashboard to get deeper visibility into your call center activities. The Freshdesk Contact Center real-time dashboard gives you a 360 view of call metrics using which you can track the overall performance of your call center.
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