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What is Call Barging? Why barge into calls?

Using the Freshdesk Contact Center's real-time admin dashboard, you can discreetly listen to agents engage with customers or prospects. This real-time monitoring comes with the additional capability of letting you talk to the customer directly should you desire to do so. This act of entering a conversation in which you were not formally requested to join by the current agent on the call is called barging into a call. You can speak to your customers and agents simultaneously. Once you feel that you have resolved the customer-agent interaction troubles, you can remove yourself from the call. This does not let the call get disconnected and you become free to monitor and barge into other calls. Your Freshdesk Contact Center powered business call center is capable of supporting your supervisors and admins to set up and manage distributed phone teams effectively. The call barging functionality will help you Increase your First Call Resolution(FCR) percentage. Needless to say, higher your FCR, better your call center performance

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