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Benefits of real-time monitoring in your call center

Monitor your team in real-time from anywhere 

With all tracking metrics available on a single screen, you don’t have to be on-premise with your team to monitor your call center performance. Freshcaller’s real-time call center dashboard gives you a 360 view of call metrics, so you can track your call center performance from anywhere and anytime. Get instant insights into call metrics to derive actionable insights on the performance of your call center.

Get more visibility into your KPIs

Your call center’s performance is determined by metrics like the average wait time, average handle time, and hold times. The real-time call center KPI dashboard gives you instant visibility into these metrics as and when your agents are taking calls, enabling you to track these metrics on the spot. Get better visibility into each call queue to determine which ones need to be improved.

Get more visibility into your KPIs

Boost agent performance 

As a call center manager, it is imperative to have deep visibility into your agents’ performance. The live dashboard allows you to monitor the availability of your agents round the clock. Using tools like call monitoring and call barging, you can track and monitor your agents’ performance and provide feedback on the same for improvement.

boost agent performance

Key features of the real-time dashboard

SLA Dashboard

Ensure adherence to service levels by making use of the call center QA dashboard. Set global or queue level service targets, and monitor them through the service level compliance module to keep track of adherence to the set service level targets.  

Agent performance dashboard

The agent dashboard gives you a single pane view of all your agents, the number of agents online, offline, those active in conversation, and also the number of callers in queue. Using this, assign incoming calls to available agents. 

Call center metrics dashboard

The Live Dashboard gives you clear visibility into call statistics like the number of incoming, outgoing, missed calls, abandoned calls, and voicemails. Give feedback to your agents based on these insights to help improve the performance of your call center.

What else can you get out of the Freshcaller dashboard?

Monitor/barge into ongoing calls

Newly hired agents may not be able to answer certain specific customer queries. In this scenario, as a supervisor, you can remotely monitor or barge into ongoing calls to help resolve those issues in real-time. This will help you provide a smooth customer experience. 

Filter and save your Live Dashboard views

As a manager, you may need to monitor agent performance and provide feedback on the same from time to time. With Frehscaller’s dashboard, you can view the metrics associated with each queue by creating filtered views, and also save them for later.

How to set up a call center dashboard?

Sign up for Freshcaller to enable your agents to start making/receiving calls. Freshcaller is a cloud-based phone system, so once you’ve signed up, you can add agents, buy or port in phone numbers, and start making calls in a breeze. And unlike an on-premise phone system, you will be able to view call metrics in real-time as your agents are on call with customers, giving you the leverage to improve the performance of your call center right from day one.

Setup call center dashboard

Freshcaller - Call center dashboard software for managers

Reporting and Analytics

View the metrics that matter with the Freshcaller Reporting module. Analyze the overall health of your call center, and understand the number of call transfers. Get instant and deep visibility through reports like call summary and agent performance to identify areas for improvement.

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Call metrics

Get access to real-time inbound and outbound call metrics, and agent performance metrics. These help you gain insights into the overall performance of your call center and help provide inputs on agent performance. They also help you measure the operational growth of your call center. 

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Agent Dashboard

Your team of agents can use this dashboard to view their call statistics for the day and month. They can get access to the overall number of calls attended/missed/abandoned. Having first-hand visibility into these metrics can help your team improve their overall performance. 

FAQs on call center dashboard

What is the call center dashboard?

Call center dashboard is a place that offers a 360 view of all your call center activities, using which managers/supervisors can track activities in real-time from anywhere. It offers visibility into SLA compliance and helps you track call center KPIs, all from a single screen. 

Does the dashboard allow you to track missed calls?

Yes, you can track the number of missed calls using the Freshcaller Live dashboard. You can view the number of missed calls globally as well as at the queue level. You can find the missed call stats at the top of your Live dashboard screen.

Can we track abandoned calls?

Yes, Freshcaller allows you to track abandoned calls through the real-time dashboard. A call is considered abandoned when a caller disconnects before any conversation is initiated by your phone team. You can track abandoned calls globally or at the queue level.

Can we filter agents by status?

Yes, you can view the number of agents under each status. Agents have different statuses available to them like online, offline, lunch, in a meeting, etc. Using the drop-down menu available to supervisors/admins, you can view the number of agents who are, for example, offline, and also how long they’ve been offline.

Can we track live calls at the queue level?

Yes, you can view the number of ongoing calls at the global as well as the queue level. In the Freshcaller dashboard, you can choose the required queue from the drop-down menu on top and choose the required queue to view the number of callers in conversation and in the queue. 

How to use the SLA module?

The top fold of the live dashboard module gives you the overall contributing factors to your call center performance. Every time a call comes into a queue, the time taken to answer is compared against the preset threshold time to answer. If the threshold is met, the service level of the queue increases, and if not, it decreases. So using the service level module, supervisors can check which queues are efficient in terms of meeting the set SLAs.