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What is a call log?

Calls logs are an easy to access, automatically generated repository of all calls made & received by your call center in single screen. These call logs can be as basic as capturing call details like call duration, contact name, contact number, agent name or can be as extensive as listing the answering speed, type of call, call billing duration, call notes, recordings, etc. Most cloud telephony providers have at least a basic version of call logs inbuilt in their products.

Call logs to help you stay organised

Get an end-to-end view of every customer interaction 

Understand all call details to the T from the call metrics tab within Freshdesk Contact Center. With over 40+ call metrics available for each call log like wait time, call cost, answering speed, etc managers can be on top of any customer interaction from the detailed call logs section. The extensive coverage of these logs, give a 360 degree view at any given instance. 

Call Logs - 360 view Call Logs - 360 view

Schedule periodic performance reviews with data export

As a business grows so does its customer base & expectations about timely support. Call logs & its periodic export & analysis can aid managers & supervisors to deliver on these growing expectations & keep customers satisfied. The flexible export option that allows exporting a wide range of metrics & call notes helps in establishing solid quality checks on overall call center performance. 

periodic perfomance review periodic perfomance review

Gain timely & instant context via call recordings

Call recordings are available against the respective call log with a quick-to-play seek bar. Not just that, these recordings also get automatically appended to any associated tickets if you have an active Freshdesk Core- Freshdesk Contact Center integration. This capability to access, filter & even export all recordings from a single screen helps agents have full context before getting on customer calls.

Call recording Call recording

Here’s how you can use call logs in Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

To begin with, after you successfully sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center, add your team, purchase phone numbers & set up basic call queues, you can start making & answering calls. 

  • Every call that you handle gets automatically logged in the Call Metrics tab & can be accessed by all agents, supervisors, admins, and account admins.

  • You can access two types of Call Logs from within Freshdesk Contact Center,

    • Basic Metrics: Provides the basic details, for example, the name of the caller/company/customer, the type of call (inbound or outbound), the call timestamp, and the agent who received or made the call

    • Advanced Metrics: Provides deeper insights on the performance and operational efficiency of your call center on top of deriving insights from the basic call metrics.


usage of call logs usage of call logs

Call log details in Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Choose the right cloud telephony software to be on top you customer conversations 24/7

View full call history 

Have a holistic understanding of your customer’s interaction history

Read & refer to call notes

Search for any call note, access it & listen to it in no time

Access call transcription

Save time by quickly going through transcribed call scripts

Track abandoned metrics

Improve customer experience by keeping a close eye on abandoned metrics

Filter call logs

Navigate to the relevant set of call logs with the easy to use filters

Play recording

Quickly listen to any call recording from one single screen

F.A.Q on Freshdesk Contact Center's Call logs capability

How long will the call logs be stored in Freshdesk Contact Center DB?

All call logs in Freshdesk Contact Center are stored & can be accessed until the customer is active.

Once the customer deletes/cancels subscription as part GDPR we delete everything within 14 days from the date of account cancellation.

What are the different languages supported during call transcription?

Currently Freshdesk Contact Center support transcription in English only.

Can deleted call logs be restored?

Once deleted, call logs cannot it be restored.


What information can you find in Freshdesk Contact Center Call logs?

Freshdesk Contact Center call logs supports an extensive  list of call metrics for agents, supervisors, admins & account admins to access. Find more details on this from here.