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The key benefits of call recording for your business


Know and improve your team’s performance

Call recording provides greater visibility into your phone team’s performance. It gives you insight into the quality of your customer conversations. You can listen to recordings, coach your support agents to serve customers better or provide effective selling tips to your reps.

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Comply with regulations

In many industries such as banking and insurance, call recordings are essential. In some regions, you require explicit consent from the customer before recording a phone call. A well-equipped call recording system can help you comply with legal guidelines. 

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Get complete context of customer interactions 

Knowing your caller’s history can greatly help in improving their experience. Your reps can pick up minute details from their earlier conversations and impress prospects. Your support agents will be best equipped with earlier issues and can provide better customer service.



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How does Freshcaller’s phone call recording system work? 

Configuring and accessing your call recordings in Freshcaller is simple. Once you sign up for Freshcaller and purchase a number, you can choose from a variety of options such as record all calls, record only inbound calls, record only outbound calls, etc. In a single click, you can configure your recording preferences for a phone number. You would also be able to easily access all your recent calls and their associated call recordings in the call logs section within Freshcaller. 

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Explore the types of VoIP call recording available in Freshcaller 

Automatically record all your phone calls

If legal guidelines require you to record all your phone calls, you can easily do so in Freshcaller. Automatically record all your conversations and reduce manual labor. 

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Call recording opt-in 

With Freshcaller’s call recording system, your customers can opt to record their phone calls as per their wish. An IVR keypress registers their choice and based on their input the call may or may not be recorded.

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Manual call recording

Manual call recording helps you stay compliant with regulations wherein you cannot start recording a phone conversation without explicit consent from the customer/prospect. You can start recording your phone calls after consent and stay clear of all consent guidelines.

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Pause your call recording 

While collecting sensitive customer information, you may have to pause your call recording. Freshcaller’s call recording system enables you to do that. Your agents can pause and resume call recording anytime during a call. 

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Disable phone call recording 

Your business could be mandated by law to not record any of your phone conversations. Our call recording feature provides you the option to not record any of your phone calls. This ensures that be it incoming or outgoing - all your phone calls are not recorded.

Call recording for inbound and outbound call centers

Call recording for your inbound call center

If you are using your phone system primarily for inbound conversations, you can choose to record only your inbound calls in Freshcaller. This way your outbound calls will not be recorded.






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Call recording for your outbound call center

If you are using your phone system predominately to make outbound calls, you can choose to record only those calls. Outbound calls are the lifeline for your sales teams. Freshcaller automatically records these calls without burdening your sales teams with extra work.

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FAQs on Freshcaller's call recording system

Are my call recordings secure in Freshcaller?

Freshcaller is committed to adhering to the highest standards of data privacy and security. All your call data and recordings are stored in an encrypted format. 

Is Freshcaller GDPR compliant?

Freshcaller is GDPR compliant and you can delete your call recordings anytime. When you delete your Freshcaller account, we will delete all the call recordings associated with your account.

Can I delete my call recordings?

Yes, you can delete your call recordings anytime and they would be permanently removed from our system. 

How long is my call recording available?

We do not delete your call recordings under any circumstances. Every call will have a recording tagged to it if the recording option has been exercised. Your call recordings will be available as long as you don’t delete them or delete your account. 

Can I download my call recordings?

Yes, you can easily download your recordings with a single click in Freshcaller. However please note that you cannot download all your recordings in one go.