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What is post-call transcription?

Agents often miss details while taking notes during a live call and searching for specific details in a call recording can be time-consuming. Freshdesk Contact Center’s (formerly Freshcaller) post-call transcription empowers agents by converting call recordings into searchable text format. They can scan and search these transcripts to retrieve customer details quickly and easily. 

 Discover key details at the right time


Turn every agent into a star performer

Make the call quality and training process efficient as supervisors can review complete calls within minutes. They can:

  • Get an overview into agent performance
  • Provide quality feedback
  • Share transcripts with new hires
Turn every agent into a star performer



Make live interactions more contextual

Agents can quickly revisit previous calls by repeat customers, which makes them better prepared to understand their needs. They can:

  • Get context of a previous conversation faster
  • Search for keywords during a live call
  • Resolve open issues within minutes
Make live interactions more contextual


Delight customers faster than ever

Keep your customers happy by providing an instant response to their queries. With post-call transcription, agents have a reliable source to refer back to. They can:

  • Go back and confirm details about customer requirements
  • Search for keywords to fetch specific details shared by customers
  • Resolve queries and conflicts faster
Delight customers faster than ever


Transcribe effortlessly with an in-built tool

Easily transcribe call recordings without having to switch multiple screens as:

  • There is no need to integrate with a third-party platform
  • There is no need to pay for subscriptions
  • The feature is natively built within Freshdesk Contact Center
Bring down the Total Cost of Ownership

Set up and start using post-call transcription in 3 quick steps

  • Transcribe: Enable call transcription for the numbers required.
  • Search: Look for keywords to retrieve information quickly.
  • Share: Download and send transcripts to your team.
Set up post-call transcription in 3 quick steps

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